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Dreaming, doing and making a difference
Dreaming, doing and making a difference



At Oxbridge Academy, we are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of our students, as well as in the lives of those in our surrounding communities. On this page, you can find out more about the various corporate social investment projects we’ve been involved in recently:


Training & Education at Goodwood Correctional Services

In 2012, as part of the Lead SA initiative, Oxbridge Academy started donating courses and bursaries to Goodwood Correctional Services to help rehabilitate inmates through giving them educational and skills development opportunities. Since then, our contribution has grown each year.

Glory Shabangu, the manager of the education and training department at Goodwood Correctional Services, says: “Education improves the quality of life for offenders. It equips offenders with skills and attributes necessary for self-reliance and good citizenship.” Shabangu also adds: “This will equip offenders with effective life skills to confront the social and economic challenges they may be confronted with in society, to ensure that they do not re-offend and return to prison.”

The programme is all about empowering South Africans to be responsible citizens through education, as well as giving them the opportunities that will prevent them from returning to a life of crime. In the 2015/2016 academic year, Oxbridge Academy is donating 30 courses to help Goodwood Correctional Services rehabilitate offenders through education. These courses include vocation-oriented programmes such as Small Business Management, OHS, Project Management, and Logistics and Supply Chain Management.


Donations to Stellenbosch Night Shelter
May 2017

Leading up to the cold winter months, our employees collected large bags full of food, clothes, and blankets, which we donated to the Stellenbosch Night Shelter. We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed!

Keep Stellenbosch Warm Drive
August 2015

On 14 August 2015, Oxbridge Academy’s staff representatives took five overflowing 200 litre boxes to the nearby Stellenbosch Night Shelter as part of our Keep Stellenbosch Warm drive. Throughout June and July, each department at Oxbridge Academy filled one of these boxes with blankets, food, clothes, and other donated items. The Stellenbosch Night Shelter has been active in the Stellenbosch community for over 24 years, relying almost exclusively on charitable donations, according to the Shelter Chairman Dorothy Reyneke. Reyneke told us that the shelter gives homeless people a safe place to stay, dinner, and breakfast the next morning. They also focus on helping homeless people take more responsibility for their lives.

“This is not a permanent home – it’s accommodation till something better,” said Reyneke. “You’ve got to learn to try and make something more of yourself.” Oxbridge Academy also donated 10 Ubuntu Short Courses to the Stellenbosch Night Shelter to give those who want to improve their lives through education and vocational training the chance to do so.


Keep Stellenbosch Warm Drive, Oxbridge Academy
Keep Stellenbosch Warm Drive, Oxbridge Academy

Keep Stellenbosch Warm Drive, Oxbridge Academy
67 Minutes for Mandela Day
July 2015

On 17 July 2015, 16 of our staff members visited the Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch (AWSS) to contribute 67 minutes of their time to honour Nelson Mandela’s legacy by serving the community. Despite the muddy conditions and icy weather, they took some of the shelter dogs for a walk through the vineyards, which the dogs thoroughly enjoyed. They also took along R2000 worth of cat and dog food, which was donated by Oxbridge Academy staff members. Here are some pictures from the visit to the shelter:


67 Minutes for Mandela Day, Oxbridge Academy
67 Minutes for Mandela Day, Oxbridge Academy

Youth Day
June 2015

In the spirit of Youth Day, Oxbridge Academy sponsored Ubuntu courses for 10 young people from the Ravensmead community. On Youth Day, a handful of our staff members attended a Youth Day celebration event, at which they handed over the sponsorships to the recipients. These Ubuntu courses aim to help the recipients get started with their studies, and to help them kick start their careers. Here are a few pictures from the event:


Youth Day, Oxbridge Academy
Youth Day, Oxbridge Academy
Youth Day, Oxbridge Academy
Christmas Party
December 2014

In December 2014, Oxbridge Academy donated a large quantity of sweets and snacks for the Annual Christmas Party held by St George’s RFC for children from socio-economically challenged areas. This year, 1200 children attended the party; they were each given meals, a gift, and a party pack filled with sweets. They were also provided with entertainment in the form of jumping castles and slippery slides. The players, coaches and management from St George’s RFC assisted with entertaining the children on the day. Here are some pictures from the event:


Christmas Party, Oxbridge Academy

Brakenjan Crèche Project
June 2013

On Friday 14 June 2013, nineteen of Oxbridge Academy’s staff members visited the Brakenjan Crèche in the small town of Raithby. Brakenjan caters for the children of Raithby, particularly for the children who come from the nearby farms and are between the ages of 2 and 7. Many of these children do not have warm winter clothes and shoes, and the staff of Oxbridge Academy decided to help out. Every one of the 40+ staff members either contributed money or clothing for the project.

When we visited the crèche, we gave the teachers a much-needed break and took over Brakenjan Crèche. We played games with the children and held a Mr & Ms Brakenjan contest. We gave the children hotdogs and party packets. We also handed them the gifts that the staff members had bought, and said goodbye with sadness in our hearts – until we meet again. Our staff will continue to support Brakenjan Crèche with various other projects.


Brakenjan Crèche Project, Oxbridge Academy

Brakenjan Crèche Project, Oxbridge Academy

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