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Bizcommunity iconBusting the myths: Think again if you thought further study isn’t for you
Despite South Africa’s massive unemployment crisis, there remains great demand in the world of work for suitably qualified employees in a range of fields. At the same time, there are thousands upon thousands of young people who are convinced that gaining the necessary skills to fill these positions are out of their reach, for a host of reasons which are often based on incorrect perceptions.


Don’t let fear of failure ruin your focus
Many of South Africa’s Matric learners are approaching their looming final examinations filled with dread and anxiety, in anticipation that they won’t do very well or, even worse, fail the most important assessment in their academic life so far. Unfortunately, this fear alone can cause them to lose focus when they can least afford it, an education expert says.



How to ace your exams as a distance learning student
Distance learning is a wonderful opportunity for working people, stay-at-home parents and others seeking a flexible mode of study, to upskill in their own space and at their own pace. However, come exam and assessment time, distance learning students face challenges that are quite different to those of their peers attending classes at contact institutions, and their strategy for performing optimally must take this different reality into account, an expert says.



Career opportunities in HR evolving as tech and AI revolutionise industry
Far from falling out of favour as an attractive career choice amid concerns that ‘AI is taking over human jobs’, Human Resources Management is in fact on the cusp of an exciting future as a result of technological changes.



Bizcommunity iconThe 3-month upskilling programme that charts a new course for (almost) any career
Although it is the norm today for people to change direction a few times during their career, many are terrified of starting from scratch in a new field. For those people, there is a little-known option for further study – becoming a moderator or assessor – which will allow them to continue moving up the ladder, while also moving in an entirely new direction in their chosen field.



Failed to pass matric? Don’t despair, there is still hope
Thousands of students who fail are either unable or unwilling to return to school, but they can act now. Some of the reasons for not returning to school include a lack of funds, an unwillingness to go back to the benches with younger students, the stigma some may feel as a result of failing, and a sense of futility over one’s ability to successfully complete Grade 12.



tyi_new_logo_2016Options (and hope) for Grade 12s who failed their Matric
The future may look bleak and uncertain to the more than 170 000 Grade 12s who failed their 2018 National Senior Certificate exams, but it would be a huge mistake for them to throw in the towel and resign themselves to the idea that no Matric means no hope for the future, an education expert says.




Digital street logoWhy Matriculants Should Consider Vocational Study Next Year
“Too many young people opt for generic degrees at universities, and then later find that they are not adequately prepared for the real world of work, where employers look for people who can do specific jobs in specific sectors,” says Elbie Liebenberg, Principal of Oxbridge Academy, which serves more than 20 000 South African distance learning students every year.



Digital street logoAn alternate to university education
Sanet Nel, Marketing Manager at Oxbridge Academy, speaks to Kieno Kammies on Cape Talk about alternatives to university education. She says there is still a disproportionate focus on gaining a university degree and that people should look into vocational training options as the demand for qualified and skilled workers remains high.



5 Most popular distance courses 2019: What students are studying and why
Health and Safety, as well as Educare, have emerged as the top choices for thousands of students who will study via distance learning next year. These fields are closely followed by Human Resource Management, Engineering Studies, and Business Management in the popularity stakes.



How to beat the job search blues & remain motivated
The latest youth unemployment figures released by StatsSA again illustrate the dire position in which young job-seekers find themselves, with little indication that the situation will ease in the near future. And while the negative impact of youth unemployment on the country as a whole is significant, at an individual level it can be catastrophic.



University or vocational training: How to choose what is right for you
With South Africa’s high unemployment rates and limited university spaces, matriculants are often urged to opt for vocational training. But an education expert says that many people don’t understand the various options available for school-leavers, and even fewer understand the opportunities available to those who follow the vocational training path.



How to prep for your performance review – and motivate for a raise
As the year heads to a close, companies across South Africa will be conducting performance reviews of employees. Heading into a performance review can be a nail-biting experience, but being prepared for it won’t only make a positive impact on your career trajectory, but could even help you land the raise or promotion you’ve been working towards, a career expert says.



Tourism Student Numbers On The Rise As Industry Opportunities Grow
With the continued expansion of the tourism and hospitality industry in South Africa and the rest of Africa, prospective students are increasingly opting to qualify for a career in this industry, an expert says.



W24Take Control and Nail Your Internship in 4 Steps
In South Africa’s tough job market, experience is an essential item on any CV. Yet these days, securing an internship to gain that experience is almost as hard as landing a job, and those who can get a foot in the door in this way should ensure that they make the most of the opportunity, an education expert says.



Use social media to land your dream job
In a crowded marketplace, as a jobseeker you should do more than just submit your CV. Advtech says the proactive use of social media could make you stand out from the crowd and to catch the eyes of potential employers.



Job seekers urged to utilise social media to showcase their talents and attract potential employers
Job seekers should be using social media to showcase their talents and creativity in an effort to attract the attention of potential employers. That’s according to Sanet Nel – Marketing Manager for Oxbridge Academy – a distance learning institution.



huffingtonpost logoEntering A Creative Industry? Stunning Social Media Skills Boost Employability!
Students in creative industries looking for that starter job can use social media to highlight their skills when employers check out their online presence.



teenzoneHow to choose a career when you have no idea what you want to do
Some young people know from an early age what they want to be when they grow up. The vast majority, however, have no such certainty, and when the time comes for them to decide what they want to study, making a choice is a process riddled with uncertainty and anxiety.



tyi_new_logo_2016Don’t Let Your Year Go To Waste – There Are Still Great Options For Study in 2018
With the academic year now in full swing, many prospective students who missed out on a space at their chosen institution, or those who considered furthering their studies but left it too late, mistakenly think that their chance will only come around again next year.



Registrations Still Open At Oxbridge Academy
An Educational Expert says there are still several exhilarating choices available for students that could not find space at the tertiary institution of their choice or waited too long to register.



teenzone7 Interview Sins That Will Cost You A Job
Getting a call back for an interview is pretty hard to come by in the current job market and you don’t want to blow your opportunity to stand out from your competitors. Nomawabo May, a team leader for the student advisory department at Oxbridge Academy, shares the cardinal interview sins that could sink your chances of landing the job.



capetalk-logo-iconCape Talk: Afternoons with Pippa Hudson
Pippa Hudson from Cape Talks interviews Sanet Nel (Marketing Manager at Oxbridge Academy) and Lillian Hellerman (Owner at Au Pair at Home) on the topic of au pairs and the changing face of childcare in South Africa.



W24The 5 Most Popular Distance Learning Courses of 2018

In 2018, five fields have emerged as the top distance learning choices among students who need to earn while they learn, upskill, or gain a qualification to complement their practical experience.



Great Careers That Don’t Require a Degree (or even Matric)
As hundreds of thousands of prospective students attempt to secure a place at public universities, with only a fraction of them likely to be accommodated due to limited capacity, education experts have highlighted the need for school-leavers to consider the many exciting careers that are accessible without degree study.


female-entrepreneur THE A TO Z Of Starting Your Own Early Childhood Development Centre in SA
There is a tremendous demand for quality Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres in South Africa, but because of a lack of supply, thousands of young children still miss out on a solid foundation during the most important stage of their development.



Au pairing is now a popular career choice in SA
Au pairing has evolved into a full-blown career in South Africa, in response to a consistent increase in the demand for qualified childcare professionals.



Do we place too much emphasis on getting a degree?
Abongile Nzelenzele talks to Sanet Nel, Marketing Manager at Oxbridge Academy, about the various study options available to prospective students.



Bizcommunity iconHow to Change Careers Without Checking Out of Life (or Work) for Three Years
A recent study found that millennials change jobs about four times in their first decade out of college. Yet for many South Africans desperate not to lose their source of income, changing careers may feel like too big a risk to take, so they soldier on for years or even decades, despite being unfulfilled and unhappy.



How To Make Your Summer Job Work For You
With two months of freedom from exam papers and classes ahead of them, many Matriculants and students are wisely opting to use their time to gain some cash and experience. But there are ways to turn a summer job into more than the sum of its parts – to not only earn an income, but also to ensure that you enter the new year wiser and more empowered, an expert says.



Bush radio iconHow to Change Careers Without a Hassle
Jasnine Roberts from Bush Radio talks to Sanet Nel (Marketing Manager at Oxbridge Academy) about ways to start a new career without checking out of your life or job for a prolonged period of time.



W24How To Bounce Back After Unsuccessful Job Applications
Being turned down time after time for jobs you’ve applied for can be intensely disheartening, but there are some proven actions candidates can take to ensure their applications improve over time, which in turn will improve their chances in the marketplace, an expert says.



No Matric But Not Without Hope: SA Adults Turn to Distance Learning
NOT having a Matric can be a tremendous hurdle, but adults finding themselves in this position should not think all their options are ruled out forever and that study is an impossibility, an expert says.



Bizcommunity iconDemand for OHS professionals grows with increase in legislation
The demand for professionals in the health and safety fields is growing with the global increase in health and safety laws and regulations and the increase in personal injury litigation.



Digital street logo Distance learning: Is it for you?
South Africa’s tough economic conditions, combined with limited space at public universities, is seeing thousands of students opt for distance learning annually. Students who need to earn while they learn, and people already in employment who need to upskill to boost their career prospects, consider distance learning an effective way to further their education.




graduateSouth Africa Needs Both Public and Private Universities, Private Alone Not the Answer – ADvTECH
There has been a growing narrative of misinformation related to “private universities” within the context of the crisis in the public higher education sector, says Roy Douglas, CEO of ADvTECH Ltd, which owns the country’s largest registered private higher education provider, The Independent Institute of Education.



advtech_squarelogoOxbridge Academy Partners with ADvTECH Group
Oxbridge Academy today announced it has entered into a partnership with ADvTECH Group, South Africa’s leading private education holdings group, with established education brands and recruitment brands.


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