The Oxbridge Academy Student Portal is there to help make your distance learning experience an enjoyable, enriching, and hassle-free one. It allows you to:

  • Access your study material online
  • Submit your assignments online
  • View your results online
  • View and update your personal details online
  • View your account balance online

The Student Portal also gives you access to a variety of tips, tools and useful resources.


Click Here to Log Into the Student Portal

Have a look at the screenshots below to find out how the Student Portal works:

Step 1: Log in

You can access the Student Portal by entering your username and password on the Student Portal login page (shown below).


Step 2: View the options that are available on the Student Portal Home Page

On the Student Portal Home Page, you will be able to see your account balance on the left-hand side of the page. The heading for this section is “Financial Status”.

In the middle of the page, you will find study tips and links to other useful resources, such as the free personality test.

On the Student Portal Home Page, you will also see links to the following:

  • My assignments
  • My result statement
  • My study material
  • Update my details

Clicking on one of these links will take you through to the relevant page, where you will either be able to view and upload your assignments, view your result statement, access your study material, or update your personal details.


Step 3: Update your details

If you click on the link that says “Update my details”, you will be taken to a page where you can update your home telephone number, your cellphone number, and your e-mail address. All you need to do is type your correct information in the space pr