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At Oxbridge Academy, we strive towards “effortless excellence in education.”
We do this by providing our students with quality service and personal academic support.

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The Inspirational Story of an Oxbridge Academy OHS Student

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Student Compliments

Good day, I`d like to give a positive feedback from the service I have constantly been receiving, ever since I studied at Oxbridge and after I studied, I still had exceptional contact with the Oxbridge Academy team. I am very pleased to inform you guys that I am happy with your service, as well as the attention that you gave me. I appreciate much of your effort and assistance where I needed it.

I sincerely love the Oxbridge Academy team. Thank you for believing in me, as I believe in you.

Bukiswe Mchunu

I am grateful that Oxbridge Academy successfully accepted my application even though my Grade 12 marks were poor. Without Oxbridge Academy, I would not have been a Financial Management N6 student today. I’m proud of myself. Education is an investment. Oxbridge Academy gives excellent and friendly service. I recommend students to choose Oxbridge Academy.

Deidre Jene Small

I appreciate all the help you gave me since I enrolled with you. You show me that indeed you care for me even you don’t know much of me. Thank you for the love and support. 

Vonisani Ngobeni

Oxbridge College is the best place you can study, with your own time and at affordable prices to pay. Even when you are struggling  with payment they make you to feel at home by paying bit by bit.

Martha Nthathane Rammutla

Excellent service and very helpful. The Assessors’ comment on the assignment is very helpful. I, however, did struggle a bit because I did not have the same subjects such as business studies at school, but they are truly helpful thank you Oxbridge Academy giving me the opportunity to further my studies.

Elne Pieterse

I am grateful for the support Oxbridge has shown me, during each and every work I do. Keep up the good work student advisor.

Nkosinnathi Denver

Thank you so much, Oxbridge Academy team. I appreciate every effort on my journey to study at Oxbridge. Thank you to the communication team for not giving up on me and for assisting me in every obstacle I face. Today I receive my certificate in supply chain management and logistics.
Sindile Ndluvo

I applied online and was called within 15 minutes by Emmanuel, what great service and manners, so accurate and well-spoken. Thank you, Emmanuel.

Nompumelelo Makoe

Denise from Oxbridge Academy, thank you for your friendliness and excellent service from you guys. Much appreciated.

Marshall Du Plessis

Hope you are well. I hereby would like to say without Oxbridge academy I could not have made it. I will freely recommend friends to do the same. Highly appreciated and thank you for being there for me through all the difficult times and making me proud to be a woman of strength.

Nellie Jantjies 

Compliment for Bukelwa. Thank you for your help! You are the most helpful person I have spoken to since I started studying at Oxbridge.

Annika Bester

Thanks so much for encouraging me in this new journey of study. I will take one or two in your recipe and add one to mine and go forward thanks once again.

Vuyelwa Mxasa

Compliment for Donovan. I’ve been a student with you guys for 3 years now. Life is so hectic, wife and mom of 6. Hardly gets time for my studies and can never remember dates. I spoke to Donovan, and he was patient and checked a few things for me, encouraged me not to give up on my studies and even when my phone died. He called back and left a voicemail message with more clarification. Really good service!

Shandre Louw 

I would like to compliment my mentor sis Thandi. She is the best mentor coz she checks me every month and gives me updates even ask about my studies. She is friendly and easy to talk to. She also helped me to be able to send my assessment so I`m happy and I`m grateful for having her as my mentor. Sis Thandi keep up the good work.

Zandile Mildred Nkabinde

Thanks for your fast response I am very happy with everything I score you a 10/10. Thanks
Nellie Jantjies

Dear Support, I thank you for the best wishes and good luck with the excellent work. I appreciate the positive collaboration and the support service.
Motheo Lloyd

Thank u so much, your service is very good.
Nondumiso Lembede 

I’m happy with the service received.
Kealeboga Julia Jotwe

I just want to thank you for the speedy way in which you handled my request about my daughter’s books. She received the correct Assignment paper on the N6 Travel Services by e-mail, and the revised N6 Travel Office Procedures book was delivered by courier yesterday afternoon.
Marinda Du Toit

I am so happy that I finally managed to register and the hunger has been upgraded I can’t wait to start. Thank you, team, for the motivation I believe this is the way to success the is no easy way to achieve what you want. And the easy ways lead to hard life the hard ways give freedom and encouragement for more.
Mfanelo Bakisa

I have had only good experiences with Oxbridge Academy. The staff is so friendly and always ready to help. You get quick responses and I love that.
Dany Jacobs

I’m still happy with your service to keep up the good work.
Nokuthula Ntuli

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Oxbridge and the team for assisting me to finish my Diploma in Finance.
Now, I am DONE with my course.
Salamina Maloi

I’m happy with the services that I have received today.
Thoba Shongwe

Good day. Thank you so much for the quick response.
Nosipho Plaatjie

Thank you for checking in on me. My studies are going great and the journey is going very calmly and easily, definitely love the experience.
Camille Karra

Compliment Donovan for his service and the way he assisted me.
Leanne van Zyl 

Hi assessors. I’m very happy about your service. Thank you keep it up.
Sibongile Shongwe

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Oxbridge Academy for the light they have given to me.
I have completed my N4 Educare and passed all modules with flying colours with the help of friendly tutors. I was bling and now I can see the light.
Thank you Oxbridge Academy. I am looking forward to registering for N5 soon.
Nokusasa Mbulwana

Overall I enjoyed the Course. I liked that everything is straightforward. There never was any confusion on assignments. This is the most enjoyable and understandable course that is why sometimes I don’t ask you during my study for assistance, because you made it clear for me to understand. 

Thank you so much my second family. I have learned a lot since I started learning through Oxbridge Academy and I have referred many students here in G4S prison to learn through Oxbridge and I’m still gonna referee them because whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.  Also, I’m still gonna learn through this wonderful Academy.
Nhlanhla Mahlangu

I, Abdulahi George, personally feel I have achieved a lot more while studying with Oxbridge Academy. I have unlocked a lot more of my potential through the calm and relaxing system of Oxbridge Academy. Coming from a challenging educational background, Oxbridge Academy really gave me a taste of success and eager for more.
Mogammad Abdulahi George

Good afternoon members I am really enjoying reading the book of this Academy. I like to dedicate this word to Oxbridge Academy: the challenge of our generation is to create a world of sense of purpose. The purpose is what creates true happiness. Also, your life is not just about you. It’s also about contributing your life to other people. I can see where is my life going now. I just want also to thank the operator for their cooperation and how they assist.
Kgangetsile Elia Mokelebane

Thank you so much for the support you have shown me. You don’t get tired of your students and always answer politely. It’s really appreciated. I am so proud to be one of the students of Oxbridge Academy. You guys are the best.
Sinesipho Xayimpi

Congratulations to myself, as I have finished my course. I would like to take this opportunity.
Kelebogile Lekebe

I want to thank you so much for your support. I’m busy retyping my assignments and will send it soon. I am enjoying my course and want to thank you for your service. I love your textbooks, it helps me a lot and is easy to understand and makes it fun to learn. Good luck with your studies as well. 
Marloene Jansen Van Rensburg

I’m Mr. Thulani David Matambeka, I just want to say I appreciate the good excellent service from Mrs/Miss Nicolette. Thank you.
Thulani Matembeka

The service I received from Nicolette today was superb 10/10. I really appreciate a quick and professional response from her and I wish her well in Oxbridge future endeavors.

My name is Gladys Mokuoane. I would like to thank Junaid and Nicolette for their help. It means a lot, keep it up. Thank you once again. 
Gladys Mokuoane

Good day, Donovan. Thank you very much for, your excellent service and great help thank you!


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