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To register for your course, simply fill in the form below, and click the red button to submit the form. Once we have received your form, a Student Advisor will be in touch with you to finalise your registration and to make arrangements for the payment of your registration fee.

Alternatively, simply call us on 021 1100 200 and we’ll guide you through the telephonic registration process.



1. Oxbridge Academy may, at any time, request copies of my recent pay slips and bank statements.
2. As the person responsible for the student fees, I give Oxbridge Academy permission to:

  • Request information from credit bureaus or other credit providers.
  • Contact any referrals to confirm my information.
  • Oxbridge Academy may cede this agreement.

3. Should I fail to make any payment I owe, the full amount of the balance I owe shall become immediately payable; Oxbridge Academy shall be entitled to proceed against me for recovery without further notice.
4. If I am in arrears, or if legal action is instituted, I agree to pay all legal costs, including the charges between attorney and client, collection charges, tracing costs and commission. I consent in terms of Section 65J of the Magistrate’s Court Act No 32 of 1944 to an emoluments attachment order to be issued, without further notice to me, from the court of the district in which my employer resides, carries on business, or is employed, and that the amount of the emoluments be attached in instalments as reflected in my agreement with Oxbridge Academy.
5. Oxbridge Academy may send related marketing material.
6. Agreeing to be responsible for the student fees and/or registering as a student at Oxbridge Academy, we give Oxbridge Academy permission to:

  • Contact any credit bureaus that Oxbridge Academy so chooses to request information regarding our credit worthiness.
  • Release information with regards to our payment history with Oxbridge Academy to any of the credit bureaus.

7. N4-N6 Students: I hereby acknowledge that I have passed Gr.12 (Matric). If I cannot provide proof of passing Gr.12 (Matric), I forfeit any refund upon cancellation.
8. Senior Certificate (as amended) Students: I hereby acknowledge that I have passed Gr.9 (Std. 7). If I cannot provide proof of passing Gr.9 (Std. 7), I forfeit any refund upon cancellation. I also acknowledge that I am aware of the fact that I must register for the exams myself.

Full Ts & Cs available on the Student Portal for you to familiarise yourself with. 

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