Registration, payment, and cancellation

How can I pay my monthly instalment?

You can pay your monthly instalment using any of the following methods:

  • Stop order
  • Bank deposit
  • EFT
  • In-store at Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, Boxer, Pep, Shoprite Usave, and Spar

Please click here to view the payment option details


Our banking details are as follows:


How can I check my account balance?

You can check your account balance by logging in to the Student Portal, or by contacting the fees department:

Tel: 021 110 0201 / 021 200 6237


Where do I send my proof of payment?

Proof of payment of registration fee –

Proof of payment of monthly instalment/course fee –

Other proof of payment –


How do I know whether my payment has been received?

You will receive an SMS once your payment reflects in our account. Please note that it may take up to 2 days to reflect.


Can I change my course?

Depending on which course you are studying, you may be able to change your course for free within 5 months after you have registered. If you change your course after this time, you will need to pay a change of course fee.

Please note that if you change to a course with a higher fee than your original course, you will need to pay in the difference.

If you are studying an ICB course, please contact Student Support to find out whether you will be able to change your course.


Can I get proof that I am a student at Oxbridge Academy?

If you have registered and paid your registration fee, you can request proof that you are an Oxbridge Academy student by contacting Student Support:

Tel: 021 200 6236

Study material, assignments, and academic support


When will my study material arrive?

  • If you choose to receive your study material via courier, it will arrive within 8 working days. The courier we use is UTI, so you can use your tracking number to track your parcel via the UTI website.
  • If you choose to receive your study material via post, it will reach you within 7 – 14 working days. You can use your tracking number to track your parcel using the post office app.


What can I do if I need help with an assignment?

You can contact a tutor by sending an e-mail to


What stationery must I use to do my assignment?

Please look at the assignment instructions on the assignment, as well as at the assignment guidelines in your Success Study Guide, to find out what stationery to use when you complete your assignment.

For most written assignments, you can either type your answers out, or write them by hand in either black or blue ink. If you choose to complete your assignment by hand, please make sure that your handwriting is neat and easy to read.


How do I submit my assignment?

You can submit your assignment using one of the following methods:

Always remember to make a copy of your assignment before sending it to the college to be marked.


What if I fail an assignment?

In most cases, you will be given an opportunity to redo your assignments until you pass. Keep in mind that if you take longer than the recommended duration of your course, you may need to pay an extension fee. And if you want to register for an exam, you need to pass the assignments for the relevant subject(s) before the exam registration period closes.


How will I know if my assignment has been received by the college?

You will receive an SMS notifying you that we have received your assignment. Please note that you will only receive this SMS once your assignment has been delivered to the tutor, which means that it could take up to 5 days for you to receive your SMS. If you submitted your assignment via post, you also need to keep in mind the time that it takes for the assignment to reach us, which could be up to 2 weeks.


When will I get feedback on my assignment?

You will get feedback on your assignment within 2 weeks after we have received it. Once your assignment has been marked, we will send you an SMS with your mark, and we will send your marked assignment back to you via post. Please note that it may take up to 14 days for your marked assignment to be delivered to you via post.


Can I have my assignment remarked?

Yes. If you are unhappy with your mark, you can request a re-mark by completing the re-mark request form and paying the R100 re-mark fee.

Please contact Student Support if you would like us to send you the re-mark request form.


Can I get a progress report?

You can contact Student Support to find out whether you are able to obtain a progress report/statement of results:

Tel: 021 200 6236

If you are eligible to receive a progress report/statement of results, you will need to pay R120 and send your proof of payment to before your progress report will be issued. (Please indicate on the proof of payment that the money is for a progress report/statement of results.)



How do I register for exams?

Click here to access the Exam Information page.


How can I find out where my nearest exam centre is?

Please send an e-mail with your name, your student number, and the name of the course you are studying to to find out where your nearest exam centre is.


Do I have to pay to write my exams?

It depends on which course you are studying:

N1 – N6
No, your exam fees are included in your course fees. You will only have to pay exam fees if you fail an exam and need to rewrite.

Yes, you will have t