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2015 Winners

We are proud to announce the very first winners of the Oxbridge Academy Medal for Succeeding Against the Odds in 2015. Here are their stories!

Lizette Janse van Rensburg

Succeeding Against the Odds, Oxbridge AcademyLizette Janse van Rensburg, from Mpumalanga, has been working for one of the biggest energy companies in South Africa for the past eight years. In 2011, doctors found a tumour in her pituitary gland. This was not the only health problem she was confronted with, however:


“As if that was not enough I was diagnosed with Epilepsy called Complex Partial Seizures… At that stage of my career I was having about 10 seizures a day which made it impossible for me to hand in my assignments on time. But that did not stop me from succeeding. I talked to the Assessor and they decided to give me longer time to complete my assignments. I always asked myself ‘why me what did I do wrong to deserve this’. But then I lift my head and go on again. I now accept my sickness and I am confident that I will and can succeed in anything I take on.”

It is particularly the flexibility that comes with distance learning that helped Lizette continue her studies despite her severe health problems.

She found out about Oxbridge Academy when her daughter wanted to study:

“I was browsing the net and came across Oxbridge Academy and I thought to myself ‘I also want to study again’ and at the beginning of the year I entered. I know I can succeed although it takes me longer to complete my assignments, but thanks to Oxbridge I can do my assignments on my own time. With God everything is possible and the assessors are kind enough to help me in every possible way.”

Living with an illness presents both a physical and a psychological obstacle. To remain optimistic and to take control over your life in these circumstances is an immense achievement, worthy of an award.

Mathe Salome

Succeeding Against the Odds, Oxbridge Academy

26-year-old Mathe Salome and her husband were both working as contract employees in rural Limpopo. When their contracts were terminated one after the other in 2010, they had nowhere to turn:

“The termination of his contract became a very stressful event to the family since he was promised that his contract was to be renewed but that didn’t come to pass. As the situation stood, we were no longer able to meet the basic necessities within our household. However, I didn’t allow such a situation to disgrace and intimidate me and my family. From the little money that was previously saved, I opened a small business … selling ice-creams, sweets, snacks, vetkoek and so forth from my house. The business was able to sustain the family even though the standard of living was never the same as before.”

Mathe’s entrepreneurial spirit was ignited. The spaza shop grew, and she and her husband bought two computers to open up their own internet café. With the profit from that little business, they eventually opened up a decorating business, too. It was at that point that she enrolled for her course at Oxbridge Academy:

“I then came to realise that I am passionate about businesses hence I have registered [with] Oxbridge Academy to acquire proper and formal skills to formalise my businesses and to ensure convenience and satisfying services to my customers.Even though I would earn a living from the businesses, things have never been easy for me. Serving as a wife, a mother, a businesswoman and a student at the same time is exhausting. However, I ensure that I secure and invest sufficient time for each task and responsibility with the hope that someday I will obtain all the necessary qualifications to grow my businesses, register as a company and employ people who will assist me successfully run and manage my businesses.” Mathe’s confidence and resilience exemplifies the ‘Succeeding Against the Odds’ award. She not only refused to let adversity get her down, but she succeeded in spite of it.

Emile Smith

Succeeding Against the Odds, Oxbridge Academy
At age 11, Emile was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, a muscle disease that severely hampers movement and mobility. This disability became an immense obstacle when he wanted to pursue his studies:

“After I finished school it was very difficult to get into varsities due to my muscle problem because it limits me in many ways, like for example I can’t use public transport… I couldn’t get work either. It was a sad phase of my life.”

The comfort of distance learning, which allowed him to study from home, eventually enabled Emile to further his education:

“Then I found Oxbridge Academy. Wow! It changed my life. I can finally strive toward a better future. It suits my disability and everything is comfortable! I’m not financially stable but Oxbridge is so beautiful I can use my disability grant to pay my fees. I did very well in my first module already. Things are just getting greater for me. Winning this medal would inspire me more not to give up. To look past my present circumstances and reach for the stars”

Asheena Singh

w-AsheenaAsheena Singh, a secretarial student and working mother from KwaZulu-Natal, has been working as an administrative clerk in the automotive industry for the past 10 years. In 2012, she was diagnosed with a serious lung disease:

“This sad news hit me rock bottom as I felt I was still so young. Being diagnosed with this illness I focused solely on my suffering. The anxiety and depression on a daily basis was too much for me to handle. I felt I needed to do something with my life to be a strong willed woman.”

One day as I sat at my desk, I browsed through my Jet club book and came across Oxbridge Academy courses. At that very moment I felt something so right about choosing my course and break away from depression and focus on something good that will benefit me one day. I’m glad to say I have finished 3 modules, and feel awesome about my results thus far. I am a confident woman and have accepted my sickness at the same time.”

Asheena is an inspiration to us all, as she showed us that no matter how dire the situation is, it is still possible to pick yourself up and to succeed at whatever it is that you have put your mind to. At the time of receiving her award for succeeding against the odds, Asheena had already passed 2 modules of her Executive Secretary (PA) course.

Londiwe Sithembile Kelly Dlamini

w-LondiweLondiwe’s father passed away when she was only five years old. She was raised in difficult financial circumstances by her unemployed mother, but still found a way to rise above her circumstances, and to do something positive with her life:

“I have been able to pay my school fees by doing peace jobs wash, cleaning and ironing around my area Vosloorus. Sometimes I will not have food in the house because the money is too little I need to pay my school fees. I also sell perfume from different products at my church. I also help with cleaning the church on voluntary basis at High Praise Centre every weekend and also help the vulnerable children cook for them and hand parcel to their families every Thursday when not occupied.”

Londiwe started studying Occupational Health and Safety at Oxbridge Academy in May 2014, and will be finishing her course this year. So far, she has earned a distinction in one of her modules, making her a deserving recipient of the Special Merit Award for achieving academic excellence and succeeding against the odds.

Tlhanola Nyamane

w-TlhanolaTlhanola, an Oxbridge Academy Student from Virginia in the Free State, was left with sole responsibility for his three younger siblings when his mother tragically passed away in 2011. While he was mainly responsible for putting food on the table, he also took it upon himself to make sure that his siblings could get the education that they deserved:

“All task of attending parents school meetings were due to be my responsibility, and the need for both my brother and sister’s performance in school to remain high was depending on me to always make a huge call so that homework, assignments, projects, the practice of mathematics for my little brother and reading the English sounds, all could be done and be prepared in time.”

At some point I had to find a casual job so that my course fees could be paid in time and some of the fees to be upfront. And I got a job at a taxi and that made the paying of the fees to be possible, paying some of the bills at home like buying bread, milk, and R50 electricity were at least made to be achievable.

Despite all his responsibilities toward his siblings, Tlhanola still managed to complete two full courses via distance learning — and he even succeeded in completing his 12-month Safety Management Course in under 8 months. Tlhanola’s commitment to education, along with his outstanding academic achievement, makes it clear that he is a deserving recipient of the Oxbridge Academy Medal for Succeeding Against the Odds.

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