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Study Your Tourism Management Course Via Distance Learning

By studying a distance learning course in tourism management, you have the opportunity to gain the skills you need to pursue a successful career in the tourism industry – without having to commit yourself to full-time studies.

What Is Tourism Management?

Tourism management refers to the activities involved in running a tourism-oriented business, managing a tourist centre, or overseeing tourism-related activities in the public sector. Examples of tourism-oriented businesses include:

  • Airlines
  • Cruise lines
  • Events management companies
  • Hotels and guest houses
  • Restaurants and other retail establishments
  • Shuttle services
  • Tour operating companies
  • Travel agencies

Tourism management plays an important role in the success of the tourism industry. In South Africa, in particular, the tourism industry forms a large part of the economy, and tourism management therefore has the potential to make a significant contribution to economic growth in our country.

Why Study Tourism Management Via Distance Learning?

While tourism management is a growing industry, it is also a highly competitive one. To increase your chances of success in this industry, you need to do everything you can to set yourself apart from your competitors. A good way in which to set yourself apart is by taking a course that will equip you with essential skills in tourism, business, communication, management, and marketing.

You’ll also need to learn how to apply these skills in practice – which is why you should consider studying your tourism management course via distance learning. By studying via distance learning, you give yourself the opportunity to work (and gain experience) while you study.

For example: you could work as a tour guide, travel agent’s assistant, or waiter. This will give you valuable industry experience, along with an opportunity to apply the theory that you learn during your studies.

Tourism Management Courses At Oxbridge Academy

At Oxbridge Academy, we give you the opportunity to study any of the following tourism courses on a part-time basis from home:

Short Learning Programmes
National Qualifications (N4 – N6)

When you study one of these courses, you will not only gain essential skills that you need to succeed in tourism management, but you will also:

  • Receive all of your study material as part of your course fee.
  • Be able to access academic support from an industry-expert tutor via telephone and email.
  • Be able to pay for your course in affordable monthly instalments.



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