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Food And Beverage Management Courses

What Is Food And Beverage Management?

Food and beverage management forms part of the hospitality industry, and is focused on:

  • Managing the daily food- and beverage-related operations in hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, catering companies, schools, hospitals, and other similar establishments.
  • Planning menus and managing food and beverage stock levels.
  • Managing budgets, minimising costs and maximising profits through accurate planning and forecasting.
  • Complying with food safety regulations and maintaining hygiene standards.
  • Hiring, training and supervising kitchen staff, servers, and other employees.
  • Meeting customer expectations and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Why Should I Study Food And Beverage Management?

Food and beverage management is a large industry that presents a variety of job opportunities both at entry level and at junior and senior management levels.

While you can gain entry to a career in food and beverage management with a high school certificate, it will be easier to secure a job, and to work your way up the ranks, if you have some type of formal training in management, hospitality management, or food and beverage management.

Studying a course in food and beverage management will give you a solid foundation in the field, and will also show your prospective employers that you are committed to your career.

Because experience is essential if you want to succeed in the food and beverage industry, it may be a good idea to study your course on a part-time basis, so that you can work and gain experience while you study. You will also be able to get a better grasp of the coursework if you are able to apply what you learn in a practical environment at work.

Studying Food And Beverage Management Courses At Oxbridge Academy

By registering for a food and beverage management course at Oxbridge Academy, you can acquire industry-relevant skills by studying on a part-time basis from home.

Click on the link below to view the detailed course information:

This course will give you a solid theoretical foundation in food and beverage management, and will equip you with many of the skills that you need to succeed in this environment.


Examples of what you will learn include:

  • How to train and supervise staff
  • How to ensure proper food safety
  • How to use your resources efficiently and effectively

When you study this course, you will also have access to academic support from an industry-expert tutor, and you will receive constructive feedback on all the assignments that you submit throughout your studies. You will also receive all of your study material as part of your course fee, which means that you won’t be expected to spend any additional money on textbooks.



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