Gearing up for government
Gearing up for government
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Local Government Courses

Local government courses focus on public administration at the local (or municipal) level of government. Therefore, when you study a local government course, you will be introduced to various topics surrounding municipal administration.

What is local government?

Local governments, or municipalities, obtain their powers through decentralisation from the central government, and are often made responsible for administration in relation to town planning, local health care, refuse collection, provision of recreational facilities, supply of water and electricity, and regulation of traffic. In South Africa, local governments may pass by-laws relating to the matters over which they have jurisdiction, provided that these by-laws do not conflict with the national or provincial laws and regulations.

Where can I study local government courses?

You can study local government courses at various academic institutions around the country. At Oxbridge Academy, an accredited private college, you can study the following local government and public administration courses from home via distance learning:

Short Learning Programmes

These non-credit bearing skills development courses are designed to introduce you to the public sector, and to equip you with some of the fundamental knowledge and skills you need to work in this sector.

National Qualifications (N4 – N6)

These N4 – N6 courses lead to formal qualifications that are registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). By studying an N4 – N6 course, you can acquire the knowledge and develop the skills you need to work in various departments within the public sector.

Public Management

Public Management – Accounting

Management Assistant – Public Assistant

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