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Project Management Courses

Occupational Certificate: Project Manager


The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as a Project Manager. A Project Manager applies knowledge of project management to achieve project objectives in a specific field of application.

A qualified learner will be able to:

  • Initiate a project to address specific project objectives.
  • Plan and prepare the delivery of a project.
  • Execute and control the delivery of a project management plan.
  • Manage the project close out process.
Course code:


Accreditation status:
  • NQF Level 5 – accredited by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO)
  • SAQA ID: 101869
  • 240 Credits
Course duration:

24 months

Entry requirements:

NSC or NCV level 4 or NQF Level 4 with Communication and Mathematical Literacy

Subjects covered:

Knowledge Modules (80 credits)

  • KM-01 Introductory studies for Project Managers
  • KM-02 Project Integration Management
  • KM-03 Project scope management
  • KM-04 Project time management
  • KM-05 Project Cost Management
  • KM-06 Project Quality Management
  • KM-07 Human Resource Management
  • KM-08 Project Communications Management
  • KM-09 Project Risk Management
  • KM-10 Project Procurement Management
  • KM-11 Project Stakeholder Management

Practical Skill Modules (100 credits)

  • PM-01 Initiate a project
  • PM-02 Plan and develop a project management approach and scope statement
  • PM-03 Plan and develop a project time line and schedule
  • PM-04 Plan for and project the cost of a project
  • PM-05 Plan project management systems
  • PM-06 Monitor and control the scope of a project
  • PM-07 Control the project delivery schedules and costs
  • PM-08 Control the project quality
  • PM-09 Manage and control the human resources of a project
  • PM-10 Conduct and control project communication and stakeholder interaction
  • PM-11 Manage and control project risks
  • PM-12 Manage and control
    project procurement activities
  • PM-13 Manage and control project close-out activities

Work Experience Modules (60 credits)

  • Attend to project initiation management processes
  • Attend to project planning processes
  • Attend to project execution and control processes
  • Attend to project close out processes
Assessment and award:
  • 11 Knowledge assignments
  • 13 Practical assignments
  • 6 Workplace assignments

Eligibility requirements for the external summative assessment:
In order to qualify for the external summative assessment, learners must have

  • Completed and passed all assignments for the knowledge, practical and workplace assignments.
  • Have completed the required number of notional hours per component of the course (knowledge, practical and workplace assignments)
  • Submitted all documentary evidence for practical and workplace modules (logbooks)
  • A signed statement of work experience for the workplace component
  • Passed the internal and external verification from Oxbridge Academy, the SETA and the QCTO.
  • Statement of results from Oxbridge Academy
  • Account must be up to date.

Upon completion of all the requirements of this course, students will be awarded an Occupational Certificate: Project Manager from the QCTO.

Articulation options:

Horizontal Articulation:

  • National Certificate: Generic Management, Level 5, SAQA Qual ID: 59201.
  • Higher Certificate: Operations Management, Level 5, SAQA Qual ID: 88916.

Vertical Articulation:

  • Advanced Certificate in Project Management, Level 6, SAQA Qual ID: 83546.
  • Advanced Certificate: Management, Level 6 SAQA Qual ID: 90665.
  • Diploma in Operations Management, Level 6, SAQA Qual ID: 59509.



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