MTA 98-366: Networking Fundamentals

The MTA Networking Fundamentals course is an entry-level course that would prepare students for other networking certifications, for example CompTIA Network+ certification. This course covers networking aspects such as infrastructure, hardware, and services and protocols.

Studying this course may be a good option if:

  • You want to pursue a career as a network administrator
  • You already work in the IT department of a company and want to upgrade your skills
Course code:


Accreditation status:

This is a non-accredited Short Learning Programme.

Course duration:

From date of activation, students will have access to the GMetrix platform for one year. NO software is required to complete this course.

Entry requirements:

No Matric
Students must have access to a computer with a good internet connection. The course is offered online and students will be required to watch video tutorials.

Subjects covered:

Session 1

  • Section A: Course Opening
  • Section B: Network Types
  • Section C: Local Area Networks
  • Section D: Wide Area Networks
  • Section E: Wireless Networks
  • Section F: Network Topologies

Session 2

  • Section A: Understand Switches
  • Section B: Understand Routers
  • Section C: Understand Media Types

Session 3

  • Section A: Understand the OSI Model
  • Section B: Understand IPv4
  • Section C: Understand IPv6
  • Section D: Understand Name Resolution
  • Section E: Understand Networking Services
  • Section F: Understand TCP/IP
Assessment and award:

You will be required to complete a practice exam and achieve a minimum pass mark of 70%.

Upon completion of this course, students will be awarded an Oxbridge Academy Skills Certificate: MTA 98-366 – Networking Fundamentals from Oxbridge Academy.

Please note: If students want to obtain the Microsoft International (MTA) Certification, they will be required to register for the external exams themselves. These exams are conducted at authorised testing centres across the country. To locate a venue, please follow this link:

Additional information:

This is an online (e-learning) course. To complete this course, students require access to the internet.


R 3700.00

Registration Fee:

R 1200.00

Course Price (Excl. Reg Fee):

R 2500.00

Monthly Instalments:

R 800.00 X 3.1 months

Self-study implies that there is little to no contact with a tutor, allowing students the freedom to study when and where it suits them best. Each module of this online course starts with a pre-assessment to test the student’s knowledge and understanding of the specific topic. Based on the results of the pre-assessment, a student’s study path is then personalised to cover those parts of the curriculum he or she needs more practise in.

Each lesson includes a video tutorial, exercise lab and a student workbook which is designed for students to practice the lesson topic, thus ensuring that they thoroughly understand the topic before progressing. Upon completion of all the lessons, students will find a post-assessment to test their knowledge. If they feel confident in their understanding of the topic, they can then take the practice exam which concludes the self-study element of this course.

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“This academy is the best for people who don’t have much time for themselves and it cost less. For assistance is great. I have the people like Asanda and it makes studying with them easy and lovely.

Louisa Sakala

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