Protecting people, securing stability
Protecting people, securing stability

Safety Management Courses

Studying a safety management course will equip you with the skills you need to help ensure the health and safety of everyone present in the workplace.


What is safety management?

Safety management is aimed at creating and maintaining a work environment that is safe for employees. Safety management therefore includes aspects such as:

  • Developing safe work procedures.
  • Making sure that the right safety equipment is available.
  • Implementing any protective measures that may be necessary to reduce the risk of harm in the workplace.


An important part of safety management is making sure that there is a comprehensive safety management system in place. A good safety management system consists of 5 main areas, which you will learn about when you study a safety management course. In addition to covering these 5 main areas, a safety management system should also be designed to integrate aspects of environment and health.

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Why should I study a course in safety management at Oxbridge Academy?


  • You will be able to complete your