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Choose a Career in Health & Safety

More people work in the health and safety sector than ever before. An increasing number of people are entering the field to enjoy a lengthy and fulfilling career and to ensure that people arrive home safely after a long day of work; it is a rewarding job in more ways than one.

  • In-Demand Career: The demand for health and safety professionals remains constant due to the workforce’s needs. Governments, motivated to reduce workplace injuries, implement strict OHS regulations. Non-compliance can lead to heavy fines, business closures, and legal consequences, contributing to the growing demand for knowledgeable OHS professionals nationwide.
  • Competitive Salaries: Depending on your job level, role, and experience, you can earn a good living. In South Africa, a Safety Officer earns an average annual salary of R194,018, Health and Safety Managers average R351,552 per year, and Occupational Health and Safety Inspectors can earn up to R659,412, according to
  • No University Degree Needed: Becoming an Occupational Health and Safety Officer (OHSO), a crucial role, requires a training course, a certificate from a relevant professional organisation, and some work experience. Recognised at NQF level 5 certificates or equivalent, such as from the South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (SAIOSH), provide numerous career opportunities.
  • Many Career Opportunities: Every industry requires monitoring and risk control, offering ample employment opportunities. Tailor your occupational health and safety career to your interests and experience in mining, manufacturing, and retail. Continuous sector evolution provides chances to adapt to new workplace safety regulations, allowing ongoing knowledge enhancement and problem-solving.

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