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Are You Writing Matric this Year, Oxbridge Academy

Are You Writing Matric this Year?

Welcome to Oxbridge Academy’s Info Centre for the Matric Class of 2022

Are You Writing Matric this Year, Oxbridge Academy


Matric dances, mock and final exams, questions about what you’re going to do next year… it can all be a little overwhelming. It’s likely that you have questions – lots of questions. And we’d like to provide some answers.


Before we do that, though, we have a question for you:
Do you know what career you want to work towards after Matric? If not, take our career quiz by watching the interactive video here, and find out what career path would suit you:

Now that you have an idea of what career you want to pursue, you’d probably like to know what your study options are.

You have two main choices to consider:

  1. University or college (or another type of training institution)? Click here to view the differences between going to university and going to college
  2. Classroom-based learning or distance learning? Click here to view the differences between classroom-based learning and distance learning


At this point, we need to tell you that Oxbridge Academy is a distance learning college. This means that you can study with us in your own time from home – no more sitting in a classroom! Instead, if you study with us, you will have the freedom to work out your own study schedule, to reach out for personal help from an industry-expert tutor when you need it, and even to work and earn money while you study.

Are You Writing Matric this Year, Oxbridge Academy

Now, you might be wondering:

Can I rewrite my Matric at Oxbridge Academy?
Yes, you can! Click here to see what subjects we offer in terms of rewrites.
Can I improve my Matric results with Oxbridge Academy?
Yes, you can! Click here to see what subjects we offer in terms of rewrites.
Do I need Matric to study at Oxbridge Academy?
No, you don’t need Matric to study at Oxbridge Academy. The minimum entry requirements are that you need to be at least 16, and able to read and write in English. To study a short learning programme with us, you only need to meet these requirements. If you want to study towards a National Qualification, and you don’t have Matric, you will need to complete one of our Bridging Courses first.
Do I need Matric exemption or a Bachelor’s Pass to study at Oxbridge Academy?
No – see above.
Can I study towards a degree at Oxbridge Academy?
No, unfortunately not. You can study Short Learning Programmes and National Qualifications (N1 – N6) with us.
Will I be able to go to university after completing a course with Oxbridge Academy?
It depends on the course that you study. If you complete an N4 – N6 National Qualification, and gain 18 months of relevant practical experience to earn your N6 Diploma, you will be able to apply for some undergraduate degree programmes at certain South African universities.
By when do I have to apply/register to study with Oxbridge Academy?
Registrations are open all year, which means you can register and start studying with us at any time. Click here to find out how you can register online.
Can I get a bursary or student loan to study at Oxbridge Academy?
At Oxbridge Academy, we give you the option to pay your course fees in affordable monthly instalments, so that you don’t need to take out a student loan. Click here to view the course fees. If you achieve an average of 80% or more for Matric, you qualify for a merit bursary to cover 15% of the fees if you register for an N4-level course. We also offer you a 10% discount if you have a sibling who is studying with us, and we will award you a special merit bursary to cover 15% of the fees of your second course if you pass your first course with distinction. This helps you save quite a bit of money on your course fees if you decide to study N4, N5, and N6, for example.
How do I know whether studying via distance learning is the right choice for me?
This is a good question. Some students excel when they have the freedom and flexibility to study on their own terms – via distance learning. Other students perform better when they study in a formal classroom environment, with someone else deciding the pace and schedule for them. Watch the video below to find out what you can expect as a distance learning student at Oxbridge Academy, and decide for yourself whether you think it would be a good fit for you:


What to expect as an Oxbridge Academy Student

In this video, you will find out how the registration process works, how you will be welcomed to the college, and what you need to do to succeed in your studies… and more!

College or university – how do you choose?

Maybe you’ve grown up thinking that going to university is the only way to be successful. Or maybe you’ve heard that going to college is only an option if you can’t get into university. And maybe you’ve never been told what all your options are for when you leave school.

Whatever the case may be, we’d like to make sure you have the information you need to make an informed decision. Going to study after school is a big commitment, and there is no one right answer when it comes to making a decision between college and university. It all depends on you, and on what your career goals are.

What can I study if I go to college, and I choose Oxbridge Academy?

If, after looking at the infographic, you decide that you want to study at a college, you need to choose a course. Use our course finder to discover courses that would be a good fit for you:

Step 1: Choose your field of interest:

Step 2: Choose your category:

Step 3: Choose your course:

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