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Jobs In HR

Human resource management (HR) is an administrative career path that involves working with and managing an organisation’s employees. There are various levels of jobs available in the HR field, ranging from junior administrative roles to senior managerial positions. When considering a career in HR, you need to keep in mind that your HR duties and responsibilities will vary according to your level within the organisation, and will also depend on the nature of the organisation in which you work.

Larger companies generally have more employees, and therefore require more sophisticated HR management systems and strategies than smaller organisations. In general, however, HR managers are required to plan, direct and co-ordinate the HR functions in an organisation.

What Career Opportunities Are There In HR?

There are many job opportunities in both large and small companies. Students who complete their studies in HR or HR management will be able to apply for jobs in the following fields:

  • HR administration
  • HR management
  • Industrial relations
  • Business management

Some of the job titles to look out for include:

  • Benefits Administrator
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • HR Assistant
  • HR Generalist
  • HR Manager
  • Labour Relations Officer
  • Payroll Manager
  • Recruitment Specialist
  • Talent Manager
  • Training and Development Practitioner

Keep in mind that varying levels of training and experience will be required for the positions mentioned above.

HR management

What Personality Traits Do Good HR Managers Have?

If you are thinking of entering the world of human resource management, it helps to know which combination of personality traits will help you succeed in your role . Here are some traits to keep in mind:

  • Self-motivation: A self-motivated individual needs no external incentive to get the job done.
  • Intellectual curiosity: An individual with intellectual curiosity will not be afraid to take risks or try new things.
  • Responsibility: A responsible individual will accept accountability for various outcomes and will try to improve their performance.
  • Confidence: A confident person will take initiative and be a strong decision maker.

Other important skills and characteristics that help you to become a successful HR manager include: effective communication skills, leadership potential, and strong analytical abilities.


If this sounds like you, and you’d like to pursue a career in HR management, you should consider studying an HR course to develop your skills in this direction.

What Would Be The Best Way To Start My Career In HR Management?

There are several routes you could take to start your career in HR management, but the most common route would be to complete a degree or diploma in HR management, and to get an internship. While HR management is mostly a graduate profession, it is also possible to get into the industry without a degree. We all know that one cannot just become a manager overnight — but that does not mean that you cannot start small.

A good way to start your HR career would be to do an introductory HR course, and then to move on to a more advanced national qualification, which will get you closer to your dream HR position. As a career choice, HR is highly competitive, and the more experience and/or qualifications you have behind your name, the better your chances are of getting into the industry.

Looking For A College Where You Can Study Towards An HR Management Qualification?

Oxbridge Academy offers the following HR courses via distance learning:


These non-accredited skills courses introduce you to various aspects of HR, and equip you with a range of the skills you need to work in an HR environment.



These courses are also non-accredited, but is endorsed by The IIE.



These N4 – N6 courses are registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and are aligned with workplace needs. As such, they lead to formal qualifications, and are designed to prepare you for a successful career in HR administration or HR management.



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