HR Qualifications

What is the importance of having an HR qualification?

Even though it is not absolutely necessary to have an HR qualification, with the increasing competition for HR positions, you will find that employers are more likely to seek and employ professionals who have a competitive qualification behind their name.

Gaining formal HR training, or having an accredited HR course behind your name, is vital if you want to compete with the top candidates in the field, and if you want to have a successful and prosperous career. Many people state that they want to work in the HR industry because they have good interpersonal skills — this might be a good starting point, but you have to keep in mind that you will have to concentrate on the business aspects of the company as well, such as management, strategy, and development.

HR certification

Some companies prefer to employ individuals with HR certifications. HR certifications are handled by professional bodies — such as the Institute of People Management (IPM), which is recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Being able to add an HR certification to your CV sends the signal that you are a dedicated professional, and that you are skilled and competent in your field.  


Which HR qualifications are important?

You will notice that the majority of HR professionals are expected to hold a degree. If you are serious about climbing the corporate ladder, and would love to be in a senior position, then it is important to consider studying towards a degree or a relevant professional qualification. These qualifications show that you are up to date with developments in the HR industry and that you are a dedicated HR professional.

Is human resource management the right choice for you?

Human resource management involves varied tasks and responsibilities. Besides having an interest in how people interact in the workplace, if you feel that you have a passion for business and the factors that make a business a success, and you enjoy new challenges, then HR is a good career choice for you.

As an HR professional, you need to be able to make employees feel comfortable and to motivate them to work hard. As an individual, you have to have strong analytical skills, decision making skills, and problem solving skills.

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