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Oxbridge Academy Short Course Certificate: Footcare for the Elderly


Older adults are at an increased risk for a variety of foot and ankle pathologies. These conditions can have a significant impact on their quality of life and increase their risk of local and systemic complications. Treatment of many lower extremity conditions requires immobilisation. This decreased activity can affect patients’ physical and mental well-being, and can lead to more severe complications. For this reason, the prevention of foot and ankle problems is a priority in an aging population.

The general aim of this course is to give you foundational knowledge of elderly footcare. You will cover areas such as:

  1. How the independent elderly can inspect and take care of their own feet
  2. In the case of dependent elderly, how to:
    • Know and apply the process of foot-assessment and procedures
    • Know when to consult a podiatrist or other medical professional
    • Identify and describe the health conditions of the foot
    • Complete the elderly’s personal details and evaluation form
  3. How to help the elderly on their feet
  4. The causes of walking abnormalities
  5. How walking abnormalities are treated
  6. Palpating the pulse


Course code:


Accreditation status:

This is a non-accredited Short Learning Programme.

Course duration:

8 months

Entry requirements:

No Matric

Subjects covered:
  • Footcare for the Elderly 1
  • Footcare for the Elderly 2
Assessment and award:
  • Students are required to complete 1 assignment per subject.
  • There are no exams for this course.

Upon completion of this course, students will be awarded an Oxbridge Academy Short Course Certificate: Footcare for the Elderly from Oxbridge Academy.



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