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Health And Wellness Courses

A Health And Wellness Course Can Help You:

  • Gain basic knowledge and skills in your chosen area of beauty therapy, elderly footcare, and/or community health work.
  • Learn how to perform specific beauty and/or wellness treatments.
  • Learn how to communicate professionally in a salon, elderly care, or community healthcare environment.
  • Learn how to identify and describe certain health conditions.
  • Learn how to promote health and healthcare in vulnerable communities.

Oxbridge Academy offers a range of Health and Wellness courses perfect for those who want to gain fundamental skills in this field. Whether you want to improve your own well-being or help others do the same, our courses such as Health Promotion Officer, Home Based Personal Care Assistant or Home Based Personal Care Worker will equip you with the knowledge. Our courses cover nutrition, exercise science, make-up application, facial skincare, stress management, community development and more.  

With a qualification from Oxbridge Academy, you can pursue a rewarding career in the health and wellness industry or enjoy a healthier, happier life. Take charge of your future by enrolling with Oxbridge Academy today. 

Why Choose Our Health and Wellness Courses?

  • You can complete your course from the comfort of your own home.

  • You can ask an industry-expert tutor for help if you get stuck with your coursework.

  • You will gain valuable skills in health and Wellness.

  • You will be able to choose whether you want to pay your course fees upfront or in monthly instalments.



Want More Info?

Short Learning Programmes

These courses increase your knowledge and develop your skills in relation to the topic that you choose to study. While the short learning programmes are non-accredited, they will give you a basic theoretical understanding of various health and wellness techniques and principles, with specific focus on the areas of beauty therapy and footcare.

Note: These courses are theory-based, and will not result in a formal qualifications. They are designed to give you the knowledge and skills needed to perform basic beauty and wellness treatments.

Short Learning Programmes (Endorsed by the IIE)

These courses are also non-accredited, but is endorsed by The Independent Institute of Education (IIE).

beauty therapy courses

Occupational Certificates

These formal qualifications are registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF), and are accredited by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO). Occupational qualifications are associated with a trade, occupation or profession resulting from work-based learning and consisting of knowledge unit standards, practical unit standards, and work experience unit standards.

What Will I Learn When I Study A Health And Wellness Course At Oxbridge Academy?

This will depend on the course that you choose to study. Our course on elderly footcare, for example, will teach you all about the structure and function of the human foot in order to properly care for elderly feet. Our beauty therapy courses, on the other hand, will teach you about anatomy and physiology, effective communication, professional salon skills, as well as different beauty treatments and principles. Regarding our Health Promotion Officer course, you will learn what it takes to be a community health worker that acts as a vital link between vulnerable communities and providers of healthcare, community services, and social services.


You will learn how to assist members of vulnerable communities in receiving the care that they need. To achieve this, you will learn how to perform health assessments on communities, households, and individuals, identify any needs and risks, as well as enable members of these communities to seek suitable health services. In addition to learning to complete basic health screenings, you will also learn to provide simple health interventions for households and individuals as well as to provide psychosocial support for these communities.


You will learn more about maintaining foot health with proper foot care, which includes a comprehensive assessment of the feet, general foot hygiene, and nursing interventions that address problems associated with basic foot and toenail care. You will learn how to maintain foot hygiene and how to treat the feet of the elderly in a hygienic and safe way.


You will learn more about the history of nail care, the anatomy of the hand and foot, nail disorders, and the structure of the nail. You will also learn about the tools and products used in nail care, and you will learn how to do manicures, pedicures and UV gel nails, as well as how to apply nail art.


You will learn more about the different skin tones, skin types, and skin disorders. You will also learn how to prepare for client consultations, as well as how to carry out various types of facial treatments, including anti-aging facials, deep-cleansing facials, light fruit acid peel facials, galvanic facials, oxygen facials, and facials for men.


You will learn more about the different oils that are used in massage therapy, and you will learn how to carry out various massage techniques, including hand and foot massage, Indian head massage, and full body massage.


You will learn more about make-up tools and how to care for them, how to prepare your clients for make-up application, and how to apply different types of make-up correctly. You will, for example, learn how to choose the right colours, how to contour the face using blusher and bronzer, and how to apply make-up for clients in different age groups. You will also learn more about how to apply make-up for special occasions such as weddings.

What Our Health And Wellness Students Say

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