Engineers keep the world running
Engineers keep the world running

Complete Your Technical Matric Certificate


What is a Technical Matric Certificate?

A Technical Matric Certificate, which is an N3-level national qualification, is a more practical alternative to the National Senior Certificate (Grade 12). To earn a Technical Matric Certificate, you will be required to complete 6 subjects in total:

  • Four technical subjects on N3-level
  • Sake Afrikaans
  • Business English

What are the benefits of completing your Technical Matric Certificate?

If you’ve left school without completing Grade 12, the Technical Matric Certificate course gives you an opportunity to complete your Matric on a part-time basis, without having to go back to school. While a Technical Matric might not grant you access to university, it does give you access to a range of opportunities: it grants you access to further studies at N4-level, and it gives you a qualification that you can rely on when applying for apprenticeships and entry-level technical jobs (for which a school-leaving certificate may be required).

Completing a Technical Matric Certificate may be a good option for you if:

  • You haven’t completed your National Senior Certificate (Grade 12), and you are looking for an alternative way to complete your Matric.
  • You have good numerical skills, and you also enjoy working with your hands.
  • You have a passion for designing and conducting experiments, or doing other types of practical projects.
  • You work in a technical field, and your employer has asked you to complete Matric.
  • You work in a technical field, and you need Matric before you will be able to earn a promotion.

What can you do once you have completed your Technical Matric?

Once you have completed your Technical Matric, there are various options that will be available to you. For example, you could:

  • Choose to study towards your N4 – N6 qualifications in Engineering Studies.
  • Enter an engineering apprenticeship programme.
  • Look for an entry-level technical job in the engineering industry.

These are only a few of the possibilities that are available — you could also browse job listing websites, and speak to people in the industry, to find out about other options that might be available to you once you have completed your qualification.

Where can you study towards a Technical Matric Certificate?

You can obtain your Technical Matric Certificate by studying on a part-time basis from home with Oxbridge Academy. Click on the link below to view the details of the course that we offer:

What are the benefits of completing your Technical Matric via distance learning?

  • You can complete your studies at your own pace from home.
  • You can save money on transport costs, as you don’t have to attend any classes.
  • You can work (and gain practical experience) while you study.
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