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Skills Programme: Engineering Studies (Boilermaker)


This career-oriented course is the first step in your training towards a career as a boilermaker. This course will introduce you to the fundamental theoretical elements of boiler making, and you will gain the knowledge on subjects such as Platers Theory and Structural Steel Drawings.

Course codes:
  • EN14001-01
  • EN24001-01
  • EN34001-01
Accreditation status:

Skills Programmes: Transitional arrangements in place – students will receive a statement of results.

Course duration:

12 months

Entry requirements:
  • Employed OR
  • Artisan apprenticeship placement OR
  • Minimum of Gr 9 with Mathematics and Science
Subjects covered:


  • Engineering Drawings N1 – N3
  • Engineering Science N1 – N3
  • Mathematics N1 – N3


  • Metal Workers Theory N1
  • Platers Theory N2
  • Plating and Structural Steel Drawings N1- N3
  • Mechanotechnology N3
Assessment and award:

Students are required to complete the following:

  • 3 assignments per subject
  • 1 exam per subject

Upon completion of this course, students will be awarded a statement of results for each subject passed.



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