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Skills Programme: Engineering Studies (Electronical Engineering)


Embark on a career in electronic engineering with the Skills Programme in Engineering Studies (Electronic Engineering) course. Gain a solid foundation in the fundamental principles of this field and pave the way for advanced studies. Ideal for aspiring artisans in electronic engineering seeking to kick-start their careers.

Course code:


Accreditation status:

Skills Programmes: Transitional arrangements in place – students will receive statement of results.

Course duration:

12 months

Entry requirements:
  • Employed OR
  • Artisan apprenticeship placement OR
  • Minimum of Gr 9 with Mathematics and Science
Subjects covered:


  • Engineering Drawings N1 – N3
  • Engineering Science N1 – N3
  • Mathematics N1 – N3


  • Electrical Trade Theory N1 – N3
  • Industrial Electronics N1 – N3
Assessment and award:

Students are required to complete the following:

  • 3 assignments per subject
  • 1 exam per subject

Upon completion of this course, students will be awarded a statement of results for each subject passed.



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