Engineers keep the world running
Engineers keep the world running

Mechanical Engineering Courses


Mechanical engineering courses cover many areas of specialisation, including boilermaking, fitting and turning, and even motor mechanics. Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest subdivisions in the engineering field, covering any form of engineering that involves working with mechanical devices, tools, engines, and other types of machines.

When you study a mechanical engineering course, you will learn some of the skills that you need to:

  • Design and redesign mechanical devices.
  • Develop and test mechanical devices.
  • Service and repair mechanical devices.
  • Analyse the manufacturing process of mechanical devices.

When you study an N1 – N3 Mechanical Engineering course, you will cover subjects such as Mathematics, Engineering Science, and Engineering Drawings, which will give you the basic foundation that you need to begin your technical career in mechanical engineering.

Where can I study a mechanical engineering course?

You can study a range of mechanical engineering courses at Oxbridge Academy. These courses are theoretical in nature, and will equip you with the knowledge and skills that you need to take up an apprenticeship in fields such as boilermaking, petrol mechanics, diesel mechanics, millwright work, or fitting and turning. The courses are offered on a distance learning basis, which means that you can complete them on a part-time basis from home, giving you the option to work while you study.

Here is the full list of mechanical engineering courses you can choose from:

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What can I do once I have completed my mechanical engineering course?

This depends on which course you decide to study. If, for example, you complete an N3