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Occupational Certificate:
Early Childhood Development Practitioner (SAQA ID 97542)

This course is aimed at preparing you to operate as an Early Childhood Development Practitioner in centre-based and non-centre-based early childhood development settings. With the growing demand for quality early childhood development services, obtaining this qualification will provide opportunities for you to enter this field.

Studying this course may be a good option if:

  • You want to pursue a career as a playschool teacher, day care centre administrator, or day care centre manager.
  • You want to start up your own ECD centre.

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Plan and prepare broad-phase learning environment and stimulating activities that meet the holistic needs of all children in centre-based or non-centre-based settings.
  • Facilitate and mediate all aspects of the daily programme in a centre-based or non-centre-based setting.
  • Observe, assess and record each child’s progress.
  • Compile a report of each child’s progress.
  • Maintain and promote the well-being, health, nutrition, safety and protection of children.


Course code:



Accreditation status:
  • NQF Level 4 – accredited by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO)
  • SAQA ID: 97542
  • 131 Credits


Course duration:

18 months


Entry requirements:
  • Grade 12, OR
  • NCV Level 3 (Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy + English HL/FAL), OR
  • N3 with Mathematics and Business Language, OR
  • Foundational Learning Competence (FLC).


Subjects covered:

Knowledge Modules (43 credits)

  • KM-01: Introduction to the early childhood development sector
  • KM-02: Theories and perspectives of child development
  • KM-03: Planning and programme development in early childhood settings
  • KM-04: Facilitation and mediation of active learning
  • KM-05: Observation and assessment in early childhood development
  • KM-06: Promotion of health, safety and well-being of children
  • KM-07: Administration for early childhood development services and programmes

Practical Skill Modules (43 credits)

  • PM-01: Plan and prepare inclusive educational activities and routines using an approved programme based on the curriculum framework
  • PM-02: Facilitate and mediate active learning in an integrated and holistic learning programme
  • PM-03: Observe, assess, record and report each child’s progress according to the age and stage
  • PM-04: Support and promote the health, nutrition, safety, protection and well-being of children
  • PM-05: Build and maintain collaborative relationships with parents and other service providers
  • PM-06: Prepare and maintain administrative systems

Work Experience Modules (45 credits)

  • WM-01: Learning programme and routines planning and preparation process
  • WM-02: Processes of facilitating and mediating the learning programme in a variety of contexts
  • WM-03: Processes of observation, assessment, recording and reporting on children’s learning and development
  • WM-04: Processes and procedures of promoting the health, nutrition, safety, protection and well-being of children in an early childhood development setting



Students are required to complete the following:

  • 6 theoretical assignments
  • 6 practical assignments
  • 4 workplace assignments

Eligibility requirements for the external summative assessment:
In order to qualify for the external summative assessment, learners must have a copy of a completed and signed Statement of Work Experience as well as proof of successful completion of the Knowledge Modules and Practical Skills Modules.

Upon completion of this course, students will be awarded an Occupational Certificate: Early Childhood Development Practitioner from the QCTO.


Articulation options:

Horizontal articulation

  • Further Education and Training Certificate in Early Childhood Development, NQF Level 4

Vertical articulation

  • National Certificate in Early Childhood Development, NQF Level 5
  • National Diploma in Early Childhood Development, NQF Level 5

R 21 800.00

Registration Fee:

R 800.00

Course Price (Excl. Reg Fee):

R 21 000.00

Monthly Installments:

R 1050.00 X 20 months

Please note that the registration fee shown applies to South African students only. Foreign students are required to pay a non-refundable R2400 deposit instead of a registration fee.

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