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Oxbridge Academy Short Course: Municipal Supply Chain Management


Municipal supply chain management (MSCM) forms an important part of municipal expenditure management. It is therefore necessary to provide an outline of the requirements and processes based on the policy framework and guidelines that underpin it. Municipalities and municipal entities must ensure that they implement their own MSCM policy based on the national policy framework and guidelines. An understanding of the elements of the South African supply chain model are a prerequisite for the application of the procurement and supply chain management processes by municipalities and municipal entities. This will include the demand management and competitive bidding process, as well as contract management.

Course code:


Accreditation status:

This is a non-accredited Short Learning Programme.

Course duration:

6 months

Entry requirements:
  • No Matric
  • 16 years and older
Subjects covered:
  • Municipal Supply Chain Management
Assessment and award:
  • Students are required to complete 1 assignments per subject.
  • There are no exams for this course.

Upon completion of this course, students will be awarded an Oxbridge Academy Short Course: Municipal Supply Chain Management from Oxbridge Academy.

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