Promoting progress through partnership
Promoting progress through partnership

Our NPO Platform: Acting Hope

Acting Hope (NPO 131-510) is a non-profit organisation that was started in 2012 by Ingrid Burger (Mrs United Nations South Africa 2014) to empower women and children in South Africa. To achieve this aim of empowerment, Acting Hope provides a platform for women and children to use their talents to make a difference in their communities. With the support of Acting Hope directors and members, women and children are encouraged to conceptualise and carry out various community projects, based on their individual abilities and talents.

Click here to view some of the projects Acting Hope has grown rapidly, and now has three main focus areas:

  • Hope Pageants
  • Projects
  • Green Hope


Hope Pageants provide an opportunity for women and children around the world to focus on using their talents to make an impact in their communities and to start living their own, purpose-driven lives. Unlike regular pageants, these pageants are not about appearances and glamour, but rather about community and character. They are the only registered pageants where 50% of the contestants’ scores are allocated on the basis of their community projects and panel interviews.

Click here to read more about Hope Pageants


Projects are carried out to enhance and uplift communities, and to spread the message of hope throughout the country.

Click here to read more about the Projects Green Hope is focused on projects and awareness surrounding the issue of conservation.

Acting Hope’s Latest Projects

Andrew Murray Children’s Home

Andrew Murray Children’s Home – Wellington

What an amazing day spent at Wellington Children’s Home with great Hope volunteers and awesome teens striving to build their own projects to make a difference…

Hope Skills Drama

Hope Skills Drama at Attie van Wyk Farm School

Acting Hope drama gives children the opportunity to be taught life lessons through drama, empowering them for the future. As of next term, the Hope Skills drama course will be implemented, preparing children and parents to be part of future Oxbridge Academy courses. Our first Centre opening soon…

Words of HOPE

Words of HOPE

Acting Hope, the platform of Oxbridge Academy, gives Hope to the hopeless by collecting soup and donating it to communities in need.

We encourage you to join us in building words of HOPE using different items to donate back to communities.

Balloons of HOPE

Balloons of HOPE

Balloons symbolise happiness, dreams and hope they are bright and cheerful, they bring colour to your life and they carry your hopes and dreams. . . –Founder of project– Jordan Willet