Our new year’s resolution is to empower you with new courses! That is why Oxbridge Academy is introducing new Engineering, Farming Management, and Home-based Care courses that give you new ways to make the most out of 2023. Whether you enrol for the first time or continue your educational journey with Oxbridge Academy, we are confident that these upcoming courses will set you up for success in the coming year by providing the necessary knowledge and skills to take your career to the next level. 

Engineering N5 & N6

Engineers design and implement solutions to everyday problems worldwide, making them a crucial part of society. Earn a National Diploma in Electrical, Civil, or Mechanical Engineering at Oxbridge Academy and become one of these valued members of your community. These National Qualifications (N4-N6) provide theoretical knowledge, while the practical component consists of 24 months of work experience relevant to your chosen trade.

Engineers at work.

Did you know Mechanical Engineers are one of the top scarce skills in South Africa according to the Department of Home Affairs National Scarce Skills List (2022)? The need for specialised skills in the industry has grown significantly as the country’s economy has developed. Therefore, there is a shortage of qualified professionals to fill these roles, particularly in areas such as power generation (Eskom).

Farming Management (N4)

Agriculture, along with forestry and fisheries, accounts for a substantial number of exports and contributes significantly to the domestic economy, especially as an employer.  Farm managers play an integral role as they are responsible for planning, organising, supervising, and administrating farm activities. They oversee all aspects of agricultural production, including land preparation, crop production, and animal breeding and feeding.

Farm manager with workers.

Students will learn about management functions, production decisions, resource utilisation, financial management, and agricultural asset evaluation. They will also learn the economics of plant and animal production and marketing techniques.

Home-based Personal Care Assistant

A home-based personal care assistant provides supervised care and assistance to patients and household members to promote, restore, and preserve a person’s comfort, function, spiritual well-being, and physical health, including care towards a dignified death.

Care worker and elderly woman.

Home-based care focuses on therapeutic work (to make better), rehabilitative work (to restore health), long-term maintenance (care for a long time), and palliative care (for those with life-limiting conditions). These activities require time, dedication, and a longer-term relationship with clients/patients. This line of work requires you to be sensitive, understanding and patient with the ability to remain calm in stressful situations.