Do you have an eye for detail and statistics, and a good understanding of technology? Then you’ll enjoy working as a bookkeeper. However, before starting a new career, there are many questions and factors to consider. To help you make up your mind, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should consider a career in bookkeeping.

Excellent Job Prospects

Every business, from industry leaders in finance and economics to the tiny grocery store down the street, requires someone to manage their books. Bookkeepers are in high demand everywhere- the list is just infinite! And because of this rising demand, job prospects are good. You should expect to find work quickly and easily if you have the relevant Bookkeeping qualification.

High Earning Potential

According to PayScale, a bookkeeper in South Africa can earn up to R15,000 per month on average. The lowest pay a bookkeeper may earn is R7,600, and the highest is R22,400, as reported by Salary Explorer. As with any other career field, if you continue your studies in bookkeeping, your salary will rise. The same goes for the experience you have gained. A bookkeeper who has been with a company for 20 years will earn more than a bookkeeper who is just starting.

Tailor Career to Your Personality

Have you ever desired to have complete control over your career? You can do it with bookkeeping. Whether you want to work full-time or part-time for yourself or someone else, there is usually the option to choose. Some companies will even allow you to work from home. A career in bookkeeping is the ideal ‘work from home’ job since it enables you to be flexible with your work commitments, allowing you to balance work and family life as you see fit. You can also control how quickly you advance in the industry by upskilling regularly. Work your way up the ladder or stay put; the choice is yours.

No University Qualification Required

University is not for everyone, and it can be expensive. The bookkeeping profession offers students a range of economical entry options to pursue their ideal career in the field, with nationally recognised online courses starting at affordable rates. The N4 – N6 qualifications in Bookkeeping at Oxbridge Academy give you a sound understanding of key financial concepts. Whether you plan to pursue a career as a bookkeeper or accountant or whether you want to work in a managerial role in the business world, having a basic understanding of financial recordkeeping and reporting is essential. The qualifications offered by Oxbridge Academy will give you a competitive edge in the job market and more opportunities for career growth.