There are many reasons why people choose short courses over lengthier, accredited programmes. Affordability and study duration are often the main reasons why most people gravitate towards short learning programmes. Short courses are more beneficial when studied through distance learning. Distance learning education is when students are not physically present at a school or where the learner and teacher are separated in both time and space and use the internet, email, mail, etc., to have classes. They never meet up in physical classrooms.

Study a short course and save time

It is all in the name! Short courses are brief learning programmes that can last from a few hours to a few months – depending on your time management. These courses shorten the learning period in which students acquire new skill sets considerably. Higher institutions like Oxbridge Academy offer them as short-term skills development and refresher courses. One of the benefits of these short courses is your assessment through written assignments. Thus, the student avoids spending hours preparing for and stressing about exams.

Adapt your studies to your schedule

Short courses combined with the distance learning method are best suited for those with responsibilities at home restricting their ability to travel. These courses are also ideal for those whose rigid work schedules limit their ability to travel to physical campuses. Determining your study schedule is vital in these situations. The nature of short courses enables students to do just that. This flexibility also helps develop students’ time-management skills: a valuable ability in the workplace.

Value for money

There is a wide variety of short courses to choose from at affordable prices, enabling students from various backgrounds to learn new skills. These affordable learning programmes focus on skills development to improve your performance in the workplace. Oxbridge Academy believes getting a quality education should not require you to break the bank. That is why we provide our students with competitive payment options for our short learning programmes. Register for one of our short courses today!