Distance learning enables you to study, learn, and receive a certificate in your chosen field without ever setting foot inside a college. Learning takes place through various tools like online and offline modules, telephone support, and virtual classrooms instead of attending classes and lectures at certified learning establishments. Did you know Oxbridge Academy is one of the leading distance-learning colleges in South Africa? We have listed the following general characteristics of distance learning:

Study wherever, at your own pace.

The majority of those enrolled at distance-learning colleges are employed full-time. Distance learning allows students to plan their studies in a manner that does not take time away from their busy work schedules. You can study during breaks, at home late at night, or during weekends. That is why companies looking to capitalise on their increasing skills, value these workers.

Affordability (Save money)

Students looking for economically viable study options can enrol in a distance learning college. In general, courses are more affordable when compared to the alternative. In general, studying from home saves money by removing the need to pay for transportation, rent, and/or meal plans because you don’t have to live on a physical campus. Study material is usually provided, eliminating the need to pay for expensive course books. Did you know that if you register with Oxbridge Academy in December 2022, you won’t have to start making payments until February 2023?

No time wasted

One of the benefits of distance learning is there is no time wasted standing in long registration lines. You can enrol from the convenience of your own home. There is no need to travel to and from campuses as you can study wherever you want, whenever you find the time. With distance learning, your lecture venue is your bedroom, kitchen, or lounge: the choice is yours. This makes it invaluable to people who are unable to attend classes because of health issues, severe social phobia, hectic work schedules, parenting responsibilities, or any other circumstances that force them to remain at home.

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