In order to get promoted in today’s competitive workplace, you need to do more than just perform well in your role. Although hard work is obviously appreciated by employers, companies are looking for more than this. They are looking for adaptable, creative individuals who can contribute towards moving the company forward. These are normally the employees who stand first in line for a promotion.
Here are some tips for becoming more promotable:

Be proactive

Don’t be content to only carry out your normal responsibilities and follow instructions. You need to show some initiative if you really want to stand out. Research new ideas or strategies that you can pitch to management, and offer to lead the implementation of these plans. In doing so, you’ll not only demonstrate your helpfulness, but also show that you’re an innovative thinker.

Become more adaptable

Employers are increasingly paying attention to the adaptability of employees. You need to be able to adapt to changes in the workplace, and you should also be prepared to do tasks outside the job role you were hired for. Strive to develop a range of skills that will enhance your personal brand and add value to the company. Short courses can be very useful for expanding your skills.

Promote yourself

In order to get promoted, you should learn to promote yourself. However, you need to make sure that you’re doing this in a way that doesn’t come across as boastful. If you’ve achieved something noteworthy that management isn’t aware of, a good way of drawing attention to it is acknowledging not only your own work, but the work of others in the team who helped you. This will show that you’re a team player and truly care about your colleagues.

Win the respect of your team

The surest way to show your value to the company is to show that you’re committed to reaching the team’s goals. In addition, when you have the respect of your colleagues, they will be more likely to support the idea of you being promoted.

Be completely reliable

You should strive to be someone who your manager can rely on to always get the job done. Show that you are able to complete tasks effectively, both within your job description and outside of it. If your boss has questions about your reliability, then there is little chance that he or she will think you can do a better job in a higher (and probably more challenging) position.

Getting promoted depends on what you do to deserve it. If you can show that you are motivated, proactive, hard-working and willing to go beyond the call of duty, then that career step-up is sure to follow!
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