At Oxbridge Academy, we recognise that humans are social animals; that we rely on emotional and intellectual connection more than most of us know or would be willing to admit! It is therefore not hard to understand why partnerships are so often established among people, whether socially or professionally.

There are, in fact, two main forms of partnership:

  1. Social – a social partnership is seen as a commitment by two or more people to an ongoing relationship through the good, the bad, and the ugly. People who do or share things together are seen as partners.
  2. Professional – a professional partnership differs from the above only in that it is a collaborative relationship between businesses or organisations to pursue shared goals while evenly distributing all benefits gained and expenses incurred.

Whether you have a social or professional partnership, it is clearly a close form of connection, and that is why you need to watch the company you keep. We are defined by who we partner with, much like we are what we eat!

When you decide to partner with a new learning institution such as Oxbridge Academy, you need to be sure that they have your best interests at heart and are invested in your growth.

The Truth is in the Trust

The single most important ingredient when cooking up a delicious new partnership is trust; without the special spice of honesty, the partnership will be unpalatable. One of the vital aspects to knowing nearly immediately if a partnership is good for you is if your values and beliefs align.

At Oxbridge Academy, a recognised assisted distance learning institution, we maintain the following values and beliefs:

  • Integrity in all that we do
  • Upholding service-driven excellence
  • Respect for all humans
  • High-quality processes
  • Proactive behaviour

Our primary focus is to enable our students (our partners) to achieve great heights through our provision of top-notch skills training and a selection of superb learning programmes – all at affordable prices.

Having more than 25-years’ experience, our students know that they can trust us to make them feel right at home in the distance learning environment. We offer over one hundred different courses for them to boost their knowledge with, ranging from short courses, skills certificates, and national qualifications.

Furthermore, we provide our students with real-life learning partners in the collection of incredible student advisors, tutors, and academic staff we employ.

For Partnerships that Are Effortlessly Excellent

We believe in creating partnerships with our learners that are both professional and social because at Oxbridge Academy, we really care.

When you decide to study with us, it will become clear that we don’t just see you as another customer, but as a valued partner in whose learning journey we are excited to share. For a life with options and to enjoy education and partnership that is effortlessly excellent, put your mind at ease by picking Oxbridge Academy to partner with today!