Unless you are already working in a managerial position, it is likely that no one has ever told you how hard it can be to be the boss. So, to help you prepare for the day when you become the boss — whether it is in your current company, a new company, or your own business — we have outlined 5 things that no one tells you about being the boss:

1. Not everyone will agree with the decisions that you make

Different people are going to have different priorities. What your employees want from you might be in direct conflict with what upper management, investors, and clients want from you. One party might want you to focus on short-term goals, while another wants you to focus on long-term progress. You’ll need to accept that you won’t be able to keep everybody happy — the key here is to remain in control and to balance the various needs and priorities in the most suitable manner. Remember, as difficult as it may sometime be, the final decision will rest with you.


2. This role will be different from anything you have imagined

Many managers confess that what they initially thought they would be doing in their managerial roles was completely different to what they ended up doing on a day-to-day basis.

You may even find that you have very little time during the day to do any actual work, and that you spend most of your time planning, attending meetings, compiling reports, and solving problems.


3. You will struggle along the way

Being the boss is hard… it can put loads of pressure on you as an individual, and it is normal that you will sometimes feel overwhelmed. The best way to deal with this is to find something that helps you de-stress, and not to give up when times get tough.


4. You will be very hard on yourself

Yes, you will no longer be micromanaged, or have anyone to report to, but this doesn’t mean that you might not be your own worst boss! Your desire to thrive in your career will probably be the biggest (and toughest) boss you will ever have worked for. Because you want to succeed, you are likely to become 100% committed to performance and hard work, and to become your own toughest boss.


5. This will eventually be the best job you’ve ever had

Once you start getting the hang of being the boss, it can be a highly rewarding role, since you have the chance to make a huge impact on those around you. It requires hard work, but it is often one of the best jobs to have.


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Note: This article was originally published on 21 December 2015, and has been updated for relevance and accuracy.