What is resilience?

Resilience is the will and ability to try and try again. Resilient people persevere and have mastered the art of bouncing back from failure and obstacles. They have a thick skin and do not give up. Resilience is something everyone can benefit from in life. Are you a resilient person?

Here are some of the reasons why resilience matters:

It’s important no matter what you do

No matter what you do for a living, resilience is key. Whether you’re studying engineering or working in occupational health and safety, there will always be obstacles to overcome. Whether in your personal or professional life, resilience is something that you will need at some point. Because the reality is that somewhere along the line something always goes wrong.

It gets you through rough times

Resilient people deal with stress and hardship in life better than most. It can also be said that hard times increase your resilience and make you tougher. No one walks a smooth road and resilience is necessary to keep you on track when you’re really struggling or starting to lose hope. Resilient people toughen up and recover from misfortune.

It can increase your chances of success

The longer you keep at something, the more likely you are to improve and progress in it.  If you are resilient about achieving a specific goal, this increases your chances of success. Resilient people will not be broken by self-doubt or stopped by circumstances; they continue until they find a way. They simply refuse to give up.

It helps you adjust to change

Resilient people have learnt how to adjust to big life changes. They manage to maintain their focus in the face of serious challenges by adapting and keeping their end goal in mind no matter what. They keep strong because they are determined and motivated by some goal or priority. Have you thought about what that goal or priority could be for you? Consider writing it down and keeping it in mind for when times do get tough.

If you’re a student or employee feeling like the workload and stress is just getting too much, remember to persevere and consider reading this blog post: Thinking of Quitting? 4 Things to do Instead of Giving Up. We all have resilience within us, and the more you practise it, the stronger it becomes.

If you are interested in upskilling and progressing in your career, consider enrolling in a distance learning course to further your education, increase your earning power, or follow your passion. Consider your options and be resilient about following the path of your dreams.