Hi Oxbridge Academy students – my name is Lauren, and I am an employee at Oxbridge Academy and a mother to a vibrant 18-month-old baby girl. Motherhood has been such an amazing journey for me, and I’m sure all mothers would agree when I say that motherhood is tough, yet so rewarding!

I recently saw a video clip where applicants were applying for a job via Skype, and the person conducting the interview told them about the job requirements. He mentioned:

  • It’s a 24-hour job commitment>
  • The client could call you up anytime and you would have to be there
  • There are no lunch breaks
  • There are no off weekends
  • There are no holidays or leave days
  • You have to constantly make sure your client is happy, no matter what it takes

And lastly:

You would do it all for free!

The applicants immediately rejected the job offer, saying that no-one would ever accept an offer like that. The interviewer paused and told the applicants that there are millions of people doing it every day – they are called mothers! Let’s stop for a second, and appreciate all the mothers out there…

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, I have decided to ask some of the other mothers around the office what they love most about motherhood, and here are their replies:







From all of us here at Oxbridge Academy:

Happy Mother’s Day!