A freethinker struggles to take things at face value. To a freethinker, life is never black and white – there is always space to unearth, explore, and examine the grey hues that make up the complexity of human existence. They exercise an independent capacity for rational thinking to orient and augment their perspective of the world around them.

According to the Cambridge Online Dictionary, “freethinking” can be defined as the practice of “forming your own opinions and beliefs” instead of simply “accepting what is officially or commonly believed and taught”.

Upon reading this definition, would you be able to call yourself a freethinker? If not, read on to find out how to become one. If you are, read on anyway – you might have fun debating the points being made below.

Breaking Free from the Chains of Dogmatic Thinking

Turning back to the Cambridge Online Dictionary, one can find a definition of “dogma” described as “a fixed belief or set of beliefs that people are expected to accept without any doubts”. Essentially, dogmatic thinking teaches you to numb your mind to the possibility of different viewpoints – to never question and always accept that the knowledge you receive is true.

You do yourself a massive disservice if you blindly follow the beliefs and thought patterns of any source claiming to be an unquestionable authority on a matter. It’s always a good idea to maintain a healthy level of analytical questioning.

This does not imply overthinking every bit of information you are presented with. It means that your freedom hinges on your ability to objectively assess this information and form logical, justified conclusions of your own.

Your mind is possibly the only part of you that can be liberated fully, so accessing true freedom starts with your intellect. As En Vogue sings: “Free your mind and the rest will follow.”

Free Thought is Premised on Learning

One can only question the knowledge that you have already gathered. Acquiring a decent education that relies on critical thinking is therefore the first step towards your mental liberation. Through learning, you not only empower yourself with knowledge, but you also train your mind to constantly interrogate the certainty of that knowledge.

In this process, you manage to unbind yourself from the restrictions of dogmatic thinking. You then avoid becoming a sheep led by sly shepherds aiming to mislead you and disempower your mind.

Celebrate Your Own Freedom by Getting Educated

This blogpost will not be complete without acknowledging that yesterday marked 28 years since the first democratic elections were held in South Africa. In a country that has a heavy history of limiting people’s freedoms, there is nothing more liberating than being able to celebrate the freedom that you possess.

So, use this Freedom Day as motivation to honour and enhance your own freedom – register for one of our courses and begin liberating your mind.