Bongani has just registered to study with Oxbridge Academy and is excited to receive his books. At the same time, he’s slightly nervous, because he’s not quite sure what the experience of distance learning will be like. Will he receive the support he needs? How will he cope on his own?

Bongani hears the doorbell ring. The courier company has just arrived to deliver the first books and assignments for his N4 Public Management course! He sits down on the couch and eagerly opens the package, paging through all the shiny new study material. He’s ready to start working towards a brighter future!

Opening a new chapter

Bongani spends the afternoon reading carefully through his first book [SM1]  Management Communication N4. He finds the study material very interesting and feels his excitement growing as he realises that he has chosen the right course to study. All the research he did on colleges and courses has paid off!

After he’s finished reading through the book, he sits down at the desk in his bedroom to start his first assignment. The first part of the assignment goes well, as he easily finds the answers in his book. But then he comes across a few questions he doesn’t quite understand. He feels a little bit of doubt creep into his mind and questions start popping up. “Am I actually going to be able to do this?” “What am I going to do now?” It’s getting late in the evening now, so Bongani decides to go to bed and deal with the problem in the morning.

The support of a college that cares

Bongani wakes up, still feeling slightly worried. But after a cup of coffee and breakfast, Bongani remembers that the student advisor who helped him register mentioned that the college provides support to students who may be struggling with their study material. But Bongani can’t call the college because he’s out of airtime. His main form of communication with friends and family is over WhatsApp. He sees that Oxbridge Academy has a WhatsApp line. He decides to send a message to the college, telling them that he is struggling with some assignment questions.

He receives a response from one of the support staff and suddenly it feels like he’s talking to a friend. The friendly Oxbridge Academy staff member tells him that his enquiry will be sent to the academic department, where an expert tutor is ready to help with his questions. The following day, while sitting in the local library reading through his books and making notes, he receives an email from the tutor. The tutor has helped him to understand the questions he was struggling with — it all makes sense now!

Back on track

With his confidence restored, Bongani completes his assignments and, using the internet in the library, submits them onto the Oxbridge Academy online student portal. Within two weeks, he receives an SMS telling him that his marks are ready! He holds his breath as he goes on to the student portal, his heart rising a few beats. The nervousness turns to delight, as he sees that he achieved distinctions! He does a fist pump right there in his chair, and can’t wipe the smile off his face – he can’t wait to tell his parents how well he’s done.

The rest of Bongani’s course goes well. He works hard, and sometimes has to ask the college for assistance, but at the end of the year he passes his exams with flying colours. He has his first qualification under the belt! In the next two years, he completes his N5 and N6 Public Sector qualifications, and finds an internship in a local government department.

Thanks to his desire to succeed, along with a little help from a college that cared about him, Bongani has reached his goal! A rewarding career now lies ahead of him.

At Oxbridge Academy, we’ve got your back! Just like Bongani, you can have a rewarding and fulfilling education through distance learning. Choose one of our courses, and rest assured that we will support you through you studies and help you to achieve your goals.

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