During this time, we can truly relate to you, because while you’re distance learning, we’re distance working!

One of our staff members tells us about his experience of remote working, and gives distance learning students some advice on how to get through this period of self-isolation.

At Oxbridge Academy, we’re spending the lockdown working from home, making sure that we continue to provide the necessary support to our students. Our junior graphic designer and desktop publisher, Wilmot Africa, has been hard at work from his home in Paarl. He tells us more.

What is your job role?

In summary, my role is to ensure that the study material we provide to students is adapted to meet Oxbridge Academy’s brand requirements. I work closely with tutors to ensure that study material is free from errors, up-to-date and in line with Oxbridge Academy’s requirements.

I also work with other members of staff to make sure that the student portal has study materials uploaded onto it. This is extremely important during this time, where we are unable to deliver study materials due to the lockdown. Students can access their study materials on their study portals to keep up with their studies. 

What has it been like for you to work from home?

Fortunately, due to the technology we have in place at Oxbridge Academy, it has been fairly easy for me to continue with my work. I have internet connection and access to design programmes, while files are saved on my work laptop so that I can easily access them offline.  

Obviously it is an adjustment to work from home, especially because I am a social person! So it is strange to be away from my colleagues. But with self-discipline and a regular routine, I have been able to keep productive. Being connected to staff over email and Skype has also been a big help.

During the lockdown, I’m still in constant contact with tutors and Oxbridge Academy’s staff, helping to develop new study materials and updating books that need to be updated.  

What are your top tips for working/studying from home?

It is very important for me to have a clean and tidy space to work. So I have a desk and chair set up in my room, and I make sure that everything around me is organised. When things are messy, it makes my mind feel messy too!

I also follow a regular routine every morning which helps me to get my mind prepared for work. Exercise is important for me, so I will start the day with some push-ups. I think it’s very important to stay active, even during lockdown. Even if you just keep the exercise session short, it really helps you to feel more ready to take on the day. I will have a cup of coffee and catch up with the news on TV before getting down to work.  It’s also very important to have a healthy diet. I drink plenty of water and eat a lot of fruit throughout the day.

Any final words of encouragement to distance learning students during this time?

Try to stay positive and keep your mind busy! You should take advantage of the fact that you can still study during this time and improve yourself. And you should know that Oxbridge Academy is still here to support you. You will emerge out of this a stronger person!

For more information about how Oxbridge Academy is helping you to keep studying, visit our Coronavirus Update page.