As an events manager, you’ll find that you’re constantly planning, organising, creating lists, networking, and hunting for suppliers and clients, all while trying to meet your deadlines (and your clients’ expectations).

To help you keep track of all your daily tasks, and to help simplify your event planning processes, we’ve compiled a list of useful events management resources for you:


Check out the following websites for general events planning information, tips, and advice:

Social Media Platforms

  • LinkedIn
    LinkedIn allows you to market your events management business through your company LinkedIn profile, your company LinkedIn showcase page, and LinkedIn advertising. It also allows you to join professional/industry groups, where you can make new contacts, share tips and advice, or simply discuss your experiences as an events manager with fellow industry professionals.
  • Pinterest
    Pinterest enables you to create image boards to serve as inspiration for the events that you are busy planning (as well as for future events), and also gives you the opportunity to show off your past events. Pinterest can therefore also be used as a brand building tool.

Templates and Checklists

Download a variety of events planning templates and checklists to help keep your events planning on track:


  • Google Apps
    Google Apps include a variety of free programs you can use to create and store your events planning documents. You can, for example, use Google Sheets to create your event budget, use Google Docs to draft the contracts between you and your clients, use Gmail to send and receive e-mails, and use Google Drive to store all your documents, e-mails, and images.
  • Active Network
    Active Network is a media and technology company that provides you with a paid software solution to help you plan, market, manage, evaluate, and report on your events.


Brush up on your events management knowledge and skills by studying Oxbridge Academy’s Events Management Course on a part-time basis from home:

Have any resources that you’d like to add to the list? Feel free to share them with us in the comments box below!