Goals are an important part of growth. They will often stretch you, and they require complete commitment from you. In achieving your goals, how you go about setting them plays a huge role.

To help you navigate your journey towards success, here are 3 tips you can use to set goals you’ll actually reach:


1. Set your goals using the SMART method

A good way to set goals for yourself is by using the SMART method. This easy-to-remember acronym stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. It sets out criteria for goalsetting that can help you structure and track your goals more effectively. Here is an example of how you can use this method:

If, for example, you want to start a small business to generate extra income, and you want to use the SMART method of goalsetting, your goals could look something like this:

  • Specific: “I want to start an online business selling slogan T-shirts.”
  • Measurable: “I will have 10 T-shirts printed and ready to sell by next month and I aim to sell all 10 T-shirts in two months.”
  • Attainable: “I will register with an online platform and market my products through social media and word of mouth.”
  • Relevant: “Slogan T-shirts are in demand, so by selling them, I will be able to benefit financially, and I will expand my skills by doing something I enjoy.”
  • Time-bound: “My online business will start in two months, with 10 T-shirts that I aim to have sold within two months of registering on the online platform.”


2. Attach incentives to the goals you set

For each goal that you set for yourself, you can attach an incentive to it. Incentives can help you to stay motivated, and can help you to track your progress. You can also attach incentives and rewards to milestones that you reach as you work towards your goals. Incentives or rewards can be anything from your favourite sweet treat to a weekend trip away, or maybe even a day off. Remember to keep your incentives reasonable and attractive to you, so that they help you stay committed to reaching your goals.


3. Identify accountability partners

When setting your goals, you should consider identifying some accountability partners to help you along the way. Even when you are driven to achieve your goals, having support is always helpful. A few individuals who can help to keep you accountable, provide support and advice, and regularly check in on your progress will help you a great deal. Good accountability partners can include mentors, family members, or friends. This support system will also ensure that you never feel alone as you work on your goals.


Setting goals that you can actually reach requires planning and commitment. When setting these goals, the methods you use are crucial to your success. Making use of the SMART method, identifying accountability partners, and attaching incentives and rewards to your goals is a good way to start setting goals you can actually reach.


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