If you work unusual hours, then it’s not possible to have a regular routine. And how do you fit studies into your life when you’re working different hours every day? Through the flexibility of distance learning, control room operator, Madeleine Kok, has found the answer that works for her!

Balancing work and life with studies

Madeleine (23), from De Doorns in the Western Cape, works as a control room operator for a security company. She works night shifts and day shifts every week, and often also helps out in the financial office. On top of all this, she is studying her N4 Financial Management certificate with Oxbridge Academy.

“I also cook, clean and do other chores at home. I barely have free time, but I always make time for my studies because it is extremely important to me. I am doing this for myself, to have something better for the future. Day-by-day I’m working hard to reach my goals, one step at a time.” says Madeleine, who wants to become a bookkeeper.

Overcoming her challenges

Madeleine has gone through years of mental health difficulties. She suffered from depression throughout her high school years and ended up not matriculating.

“I didn’t finish school because I wasn’t interested in learning; I didn’t care about my future. At the age of 22 I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. When this happened I was determined to not let it stand in my way. I decided to make a change and work on my future, despite the fact that it would be like climbing a mountain!”

She says that it is often difficult for her to get out of bed in the morning, let alone to focus on her studies.

“Some days it’s very hard to get out of bed, to stay motivated or even find motivation. Some days I lose focus, I can’t concentrate and feel extremely depressed. But I push myself to fight against all of this because I want to become better and I want my qualifications more than anything else in the world.”

The flexibility of distance learning has allowed Madeleine to fit her studies into her busy life.

“Because I don’t have a set routine every day, distance learning has been perfect for me. When I’m working night shifts, I can get some studying done in the day. And if I’m working during the day, then I can fit a few hours in during the evening.”

Determination to succeed

Madeleine says that if people know what they want to achieve, they can succeed.

“Remember why you are studying and what you want to achieve. One day you will succeed.”

She believes strongly in bettering herself, and encourages everyone around her to never give up. 

“Doing something for yourself and believing in yourself is very important. Excuses don’t belong in my vocabulary. If you want to reach a goal you will make a plan to reach it. I WILL reach my goals, nothing will be able to stop me!”

With everything she has overcome, her remarkable determination and incredible attitude, we know that Madeleine will most definitely reach her dreams!

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