Many parents find themselves feeling like the main attraction at a bizarre circus wherein they are expected to juggle an array of cutlery and different sized balls, all while balancing on a unicycle that has a hexagonal wheel. This extreme balancing act that parents find themselves performing is one that can – and often does – adversely affect their children’s development.

This is not necessarily a fault of the parents, and many do not let this happen purposefully, but the fact is that children (especially younger ones) require a lot of care, attention, and interaction. With a full-time job and the million other responsibilities that ‘adulting’ comes with, it can spread one very thin to be a full-time parent too. That is why childcare workers are so sought after today.

Early childhood development (ECD) is a field that involves professionals who are trained to look after children; be it at home or a in childcare facility. Providing invaluable support for both children and their parents, you can prepare to become an ECD professional by studying a childcare course, volunteering at a childcare centre, or by looking after children in your personal capacity.

The Course You Take to Liberate Our Kids

Passion is the number one prerequisite for anyone looking to go into childcare; the next step is gaining the necessary experience and qualifications. By studying through a distance learning college like Oxbridge Academy, you will be given a variety of academic options in the field of ECD as well as a number of other fantastic courses to choose from. At Oxbridge Academy, you will find:

Short learning programmes: Equipping those who study this course with the fundamental skills of childcare and knowledge of the basic elements of childhood development, it is a solid option for anyone looking to learn more about childcare and wishing to work as a nanny, childminder, or babysitter. This course lasts for 8 months, is certified by Oxbridge Academy, and is not registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

National qualifications (N4 – N6): Our N4 – N6 courses are registered on the NQF and have been designed to prepare you for a career in Educare by focusing on the skills needed to perform in the workplace. All childcare N-level courses are accredited by the Quality Council for Trades & Occupations (QCTO).

Support and advice are provided for students at N6-level who wish to apply for their national diplomas upon completion. Students doing their N4 – N6 levels with us can expect a national certificate from the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) upon completion.

Occupational certificate: This course is curated to prepare learners to operate as early childhood development practitioners. It is a great gateway course to take as it will give you the skills as well as the experience required to gain opportunities to enter the workforce. Our occupational certificate is accredited by the QCTO and will result in students obtaining an Occupational Certificate: Early Childhood Development Practitioner from the QTCO.

Choose Oxbridge Academy to Pursue a Childcare Career

Were you born to be a childcare expert? Don’t deprive yourself and the many children in need of your passionate love for encouraging learning and growing.

Instead, study towards a childcare job through us today!