Covid-19 and lockdown have forced us into a whole new way of viewing the world. Along with previously unheard of concepts such as ‘social distancing’, we’ve also had to get used to the distinction between ‘essential’ and ‘non-essential’ workers. To celebrate Worker’s Day, we’re picking out several essential worker jobs that you might be interested in studying towards.

Essential workers have emerged as our everyday heroes during the coronavirus pandemic. They risk more than most people in terms of being exposed to the virus. But they also find themselves in the fortunate position of being able to continue earning an income during lockdown. So we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to study towards a job in essential services. Because it may be able to secure your employment in a similar future time of crisis!

Here are some of the essential worker jobs you could consider:

Farm Manager

Agricultural workers are essential for ensuring that the nation doesn’t go hungry through a time of crisis. The world will always need fresh produce, grain and protein. So farming will always be one of the most important occupations around. Consider studying a farming management qualification to enter this crucial field and one day run your own farm!

Bank Employee

The financial services sector has been vital to sustaining our economy throughout the lockdown. And bank employees, from tellers, to branch managers, bookkeepers and loan officers, all play a critical role. This is because they provide the services that people desperately need to manage their finances. You can take your first steps towards a career in banking with a financial management qualification

Supply Chain/Logistics Manager

Essential services wouldn’t be able to run without a secure and steady supply of essential goods. From food and medicine, to hand sanitisers and raw materials. People working in the supply chain and logistics sector are crucial for ensuring the transport and delivery of these goods. In addition, the supply chain and logistics sector offers an incredibly wide range of job opportunities. And you can strive to become a manager one day too! Browse our range of supply chain and logistics courses.  


Our economy would not be able to continue functioning without electricity! As an electrician, you might be tasked with repairing electrical faults in people’s homes, allowing them to work from home. Or you may be working on infrastructure such as power stations or power lines, ensuring that the nation’s electricity supply isn’t interrupted. If you’re interested in studying towards this essential career, then consider a course in electrical engineering.  

Public Sector Manager

Government is a huge role-player in a number of areas. These include setting regulations and ensuring that essential services run smoothly. Government officials also ensure that the public has access to services such as water and electricity provision, refuse removal and social assistance. Studying a qualification in public sector management can set you up for a job in one of the many government departments and other public sector entities at local, provincial and national levels.

Call centre agent

While many call centres are linked to ‘non-essential’ businesses, others are deemed as essential. These include those necessary for providing health, safety, social and government support, financial services and short-term insurance. Studying a marketing qualification can provide you with the knowledge you need to become a call centre agent.

Security Manager

Security services have been active throughout this time. Security guards have continued to provide much-needed security for facilities such as hospitals, shops and businesses that provide essential services. In addition, the field of private security is vast and still growing, meaning that there are plenty of jobs available. If you’ve got a fighting spirit and sound organisational skills, then a career as a security manager could be well-suited to you. 

These essential workers have all played their part in ensuring that our country gets through this time of crisis. We should be grateful to all of them for their bravery and dedication! We hope that this blog has been informative in helping you to decide if you want to join their ranks!

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