It’s already well into the year, and you may think that you’ve missed your chance to register for college studies. While it’s true that many colleges have closed their registrations for 2020, others allow you to register and start studying at any time!

Life gets hectic, and you may have missed the registration deadline for several colleges that you had your eye on. Others might have turned your application down because they no longer had space. We can understand that you might be feeling disappointed, and worried that you aren’t going to achieve what you wanted to this year. Well, you can put your worries aside, because you still have the opportunity to get your studies underway this year and turn 2020 into 20-plenty!

How can you still start your 2020 studies?

The answer is distance learning! This is because distance learning colleges aren’t affected by the limitations of institutions which offer face-to-face learning. These face-to-face learning institutions HAVE to close their registrations early in the year for a number of reasons.

These include:

  • A limit to the number of students that can be accommodated in classrooms.
  • Limits to the number of students who can be accepted into certain courses.
  • A strict timetable of lectures that needs to be followed.

For these reasons, thousands of young people every year have their applications turned down, or can’t start their studies because they missed the registration deadline.

So how is distance learning different?

If you’re still looking for something to study, or you missed the registration deadline for other colleges, then distance learning can provide you with a golden opportunity. This is because you can register at any time of the year! With distance learning, you don’t have to worry about missing a registration date, because:

  • There are NO classes. This means that, apart from the fact that you can study from the comfort of home, there is no limit to the number of students that the college can accept.
  • There is no lecture timetable. Because there are no lectures, there is no specific date that a course has to start. As a student, you don’t have to stick to a rigid schedule of lectures and go back and forth from a campus. Similarly, the college does not have to stick to a schedule, rather focusing on providing support to students.
  • There are no long holidays, which means that staff members are available to assist you with your registration at any time of the year.

So, there is no reason to stress – you can still start your 2020 studies. And Oxbridge Academy has your back! We offer a wide range of national qualifications and short courses that you can study via distance learning. Find the course that’s right for you and start studying with the college that CARES!

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