“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”– Napoleon Hill, author


Are you waiting for the “right moment” to start chasing your dreams? Do you tell yourself that you will do it next week, next month, or next year? If you subscribe to this view, then there’s a good chance that “the perfect moment” will never come. It’s time to start reaching for your dreams.

There is never a “right time” to start doing the things that are most important to your development as a person. The truth is that you need to decide to jump in and start chasing them!


Stop procrastinating

Procrastination is something that all people experience to some degree. We all put off doing things that seem difficult or intimidating. There are various reasons for this. The most important step towards reaching your dreams is to find these reasons, and to overcome the barriers may be holding you back.


Put your dreams into action!

Every important situation requires a well-thought action plan, and what could be more important than achieving your dreams? Here’s how you can create a plan and put it into action.


1. Dream big

Don’t be afraid to dream big! Your dreams should be a vision of what you would most like to achieve or become one day. So when creating your action plan, write down the biggest dreams for your career. They could be running a multi-million rand business, enjoying a career based on your passions or becoming a respected expert in your field. Once you’ve written down your dreams, you can work out the smaller things you need to do to get there one day.


2. Believe in your dreams

You shouldn’t let your self-doubt stand in the way of achieving your dreams. You should envision yourself becoming that successful person you want to become. You should constantly remind yourself of your dreams. Stick them up at your study desk or anywhere else around the house. Get used to thinking about them, and you should start feeling like they are more reachable. You need to fully believe that you can get there!


3. Start setting goals

Reaching your dreams will seem a lot more manageable when you can break them down into a set of smaller goals. Your goal setting shouldn’t be too long term – you should set goals every few months, so that you can start enjoying the rewards of achieving them and making progress. Use these 3 tips for setting goals.


4. Take the first steps

Once you’ve laid out your dreams and believe in them, you can start reaching for them! Think about the first step you can take to set you on your way. This could mean enrolling for a relevant college course, or speaking to people who already work in a similar position to what you’re aiming for, to discover how they got there. Take into consideration factors like budgeting for the cost of your studies, and perhaps finding a part-time job in order to build some experience in the field that you’re interested in.


5. Work hard, and never give up!

Most of the world’s successful people work on achieving their dreams every single day. They have reached their goals by putting all their focus into achieving them. They also experienced obstacles and setbacks along the way, but they didn’t give up. Focus on your short-term tasks, and they will eventually lead to long-term accomplishments.


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