Today, we’d like to congratulate the following students on being awarded the July 2016 Oxbridge Academy Medals for Succeeding Against the Odds:

  • Tsebiso Nkaki
  • Nadia van Heerden
  • Riziki Mushamuka


Based on all the nominations and motivational letters we received, these three students were selected for the award for overcoming a variety of physical, educational, social, and financial obtacles in order to succeed with their studies. 


Here are their stories:

Tsebiso Nkaki

Tsebiso Nkaki, recipient of the Oxbridge Academy Student Award in July 2016

In 2014, Tsebiso (a third-year geology student) and his sister had to drop out of university, as their father was retrenched.  With only a Matric certificate and an incomplete university academic record in hand, Tsebiso then tried to find employment at the mines, but all in vain. His situation became even more difficult when his girlfriend later fell pregnant, and he was still unemployed…

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Nadia van Heerden

Nadia van Heerden, recipient of the Oxbridge Academy Award for Succeeding Against the Odds

Nadia registered with Oxbridge Academy because she believes that education is the key to success.

For the past five years, she has been working as a Beauty Advisor in the retail industry, and she says that “there’s a lot of challenges in the beauty industry and there is always a new beauty trend coming out every year. Before I started to register as a student, I had a lack of self-confidence in myself all the time, because according to the people I am just a lady who is selling cosmetic products and it’s not like that.”

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Riziki Mushamuka

Riziki Mushamuka, recipient of the Oxbridge Academy Medal for Succeeding Against the Odds

Riziki, who is from the Democratic Republic of Congo, struggled to pay for her studies while looking after her two children, a daughter who is seven and a son who is three.

Her situation was made complicated by the fact that she is not a South African citizen. She says, “My life has never been easy at all, starting from the fact that I am not a South African citizen and have to find myself in an English speaking country with a passionate desire of taking my education further in order to give my two kids a better life.”

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Congratulations to Tsebiso, Nadia, and Riziki! They are an inspiration to us all!

Along with their medals, they will each be receiving a Special Merit Award to cover 30% of their next course’s fees at Oxbridge Academy.


Do you also want to be considered for this Award?

If you are an Oxbridge Academy student, you will receive details regarding the next round of nominations via e-mail. The closing date for the next round will be 30 November 2016.

If you are not a student, but you know someone who studies at Oxbridge Academy, and you would like to nominate them for this Award, you can send your motivation to (Please remember to include your own contact details, as well as the name, surname, student number, and contact details of the student you wish to nominate). 


The closing date for the next award is 30 November 2016.