Office administration can be seen as the backbone of a company. It is crucial to the smooth running of the day-to-day business activities. It takes a specific type of person to thrive in this role. You need to be organised, be a fast learner, pay attention to detail, and have the ability to work on your own as well as in a team. When working in office administration, there are many opportunities available to you, and you have the added advantage of being able to work in a range of environments.

Here are a few career options in office administration:

Office manager

An office manager is responsible for a diverse set of administrative tasks. These tasks are organisational, and include office duties that ensure the smooth running of the business. These office duties may vary depending on the size of the company. They include being in charge of office equipment and supplies, taking care of mail and banking, and managing invoicing and payroll. Other responsibilities include internal and external communication with staff and clients, as well as tasks that support HR.

Personal assistant

Being a personal assistant is all about providing support, with duties such as scheduling meetings and appointments, answering phone calls and e-mails, organising documents, making travel arrangements, producing reports and ordering supplies when needed. This role is found in a variety of organisations, from government departments to medical offices. This role is more focused on organising the schedule and activities of an executive than on the general running of the office. It requires an individual who is highly organised and who has great communication skills.

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A receptionist is responsible for managing the front of the office. Their responsibilities include greeting clients, taking phone calls (and directing these calls to the relevant person), and handling e-mails and appointments. The receptionist is the face of the company and needs to have excellent written and verbal communication skills, a friendly manner and a professional demeanour. Working as a receptionist allows you to interact with different people, and it is an occupation that is found in a variety of fields.

Specialised fields:

Office administration also provides the opportunity to work in specialised areas. Roles in these areas may require specialised knowledge of the terminology used in the specific industry. Here are two examples of roles in specialised fields:

Legal secretary

A legal secretary works in the field of law, in a lawyer’s office. They usually work under the supervision of a lawyer.  Legal secretaries perform clerical and administration functions, which include preparing legal documentation that is authorised by the lawyer. Along with having the right set of skills, legal secretaries also need to understand the terminology and processes within a law firm.

Medical secretary

Medical secretaries work in the medical office environment. The duties of the medical secretary include handling medical forms, collecting and organising medical records for the medical staff, and setting up appointments. Medical secretaries need a comprehensive understanding of medical terminology.
When it comes to pursuing a career in office administration, the options are many, and they allow you the opportunity to enter a variety of industries. These roles provide the administrative support that ensures the smooth running of a company. The individuals working in this field are highly organised, pay attention to detail and are good communicators. The field provides opportunities to work in diverse environments, and it allows you to work with a variety of people on a daily basis.

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