I’m in the window seat of a Boeing 747, right next to the wing of the plane, and as the quad-jet Rolls-Royce engines roar to life – first with a low, insistent hum that quickly turns into a powerful, high whine – I perform my travelling tradition. I place the low-quality plane headphones over my ears and as we lift off, I close my eyes and listen to David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ – the adventure has begun.

Travelling, along with education, comprises one of the few things in life that we spend money on, and which directly make us wealthier in many other ways. There is nothing quite as freeing as being lost in new lands, lapping up diverse cultures, and falling in love with beautiful landscapes the likes of which you could not have imagined in your wildest dreams. Travelling truly does set the mind free.

Studying Gives You Wings

Your wish to travel (although a wonderful one) will require careful planning because while traveling may set us free, it certainly isn’t free itself. In fact, unless budget backpacking is your calling, travels are generally very expensive which is why the idea of studying within the industry itself is such an appealing one.

By deciding to do a simple, short, course in the Tourism and Hospitality field, you will be creating the dual-effective opportunity for yourself to learn how to work in travel so that you may then travel for a living. It really is the gift that keeps on giving as the more you travel, the more you learn, and the more you work, the more you earn, allowing you to do what you love as a lifestyle.

We Are Where the Studying Happens

At Oxbridge Academy, we have a range of short courses and skills certificates for budding travellers and seasoned wanderers to up their globe-trotting game with. Here are a few examples of the courses you will come across at our touted distance learning college:

  • Hotel Management – a great way to discover our little, blue planet is to work in hotel management as hotels are found throughout the world.
  • Tourism Management – a solid course to study if you want to understand travelling at a deeper level by helping other tourists to get the most out of their trips.
  • Hospitality Services – a broad course covering all the basics of tourism and hospitality, perfect for someone looking to sharpen their acumen in the travelling professions.

Three, Two, One, Lift-Off with Oxbridge Academy!

Freedom means something different to everyone, and to us at Oxbridge Academy, it means setting minds free through the provision of well-curated courses. We enjoy watching our students take off after they study with us, so climb into our travelling and hospitality course content to become an intrepid explorer today.

Take Your Study Travels with Us – We Promise that it’s First-Class All the Way.