Oxbridge Academy recently launched a variety of online learning courses that make studying easier than ever before.

With basic computer knowledge being a vital skill for professionals, the new online computer course opens up a world of opportunity for students. The Online Skills Certificate: Computer Concepts teaches participants how to operate a computer and use its many functions to further their careers. We quizzed star student, 31-year-old Boipelo Molosiwa from Bloemfontein (who achieved a final mark of 84%), about her experience of the course.


What made you choose the Online Skills Certificate: Computer Concepts?

I am currently a project manager in the agricultural industry, and in a lot of areas I need to be able to use a computer. I already had some basic knowledge of computers, but I was looking to learn more and this course looked perfect for my needs and price range.


Did the course meet your expectations?

Yes it definitely did. I like the fact that I could do everything online and study in my own time, without interfering with my job. The coursework was very helpful and interesting. It was especially good to be able to learn how to use Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, as I didn’t know anything about those programs before. They have already been very useful in my job.


What surprised you about the course?

I was pleasantly surprised to be given an e-learning book, which allows you to read about a lot of other computer aspects beyond what is covered in the assignments. The support I got from everyone at Oxbridge Academy was also amazing: they were always there to help me with any questions I had and to give me guidance throughout the course. So a big thank you to them.


How has the course helped you in your career?

For me specifically, the programs I learnt will help me to make presentations and organise data. It is also something nice to add to my CV. I think everyone needs a good knowledge of computers these days, no matter what job they are in. The course will be extremely helpful for those who have no knowledge of how to use a computer. Being able to learn these skills is extremely important for finding a good job.


Why else would you recommend this course to other people?

For what you are learning, it is very good value for money. Also, people sometimes think that distance learning is less useful than other education, but I can really say that it is worth it. I was extremely happy with everything and think that everyone should do courses such as these.


What are your plans for the future?

I am currently growing in my job and one day want to start my own agricultural company. I am always looking to expand my skills and learn new things, so I am also looking to do more online courses that will help me to do this.


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