At Oxbridge Academy, it always makes us happy to see our students achieve success after completing their studies. That is why we were so pleased when one of our students, Thsidiso Tsie, sent us the following message on Facebook:

Thsidiso: “Thanxs to Oxbridge Academy. [My course] in Safety and [my course] in Security Management helped me to be appointed in Department of Justice in Free State”

We decided to have a chat with Thsidiso to find out more about his success story and how he eventually found work in the security industry:

Thsidiso told us that he started studying with Oxbridge Academy in 2009, from his home in the Free State. He went on to complete courses in Safety Management and Security Management, after which he found work in the Department of Justice (where he works on behalf of a private security company).

Thsidiso Tsie

Thsidiso Tsie

Thsidiso: “I was appointed in the Department of Justice in the Magistrates Courts.

I’m working as a Control Room Operator, which means that I am in charge for the whole security company.”

Thsidiso also told us about the role his studies played when he was looking for work, and about how his course taught him the skills he needed to get the job in the end.

Thsidiso: That course in safety management is based on basic training and CCTV, you see? The knowledge [I needed] of CCTV I got from the course.

But Thsidiso’s success story doesn’t end there. Like anyone who ever achieved anything, Thsidiso dreams big. When asked where he sees himself in 10 years’ time, Thsidiso answered:

Thsidiso: “Working as an Assistant Director or Director in this department. Because there are a lot of opportunities in this industry.

“I think I can achieve that. I’m still studying.”

Thsidiso talked eagerly with us about all the possibilities and opportunities in the security industry. When asked what advice he had for other students who wanted to study security management, he said:

Thsidiso: “There are a lot of opportunities in the industry. I can advise them that they can make this industry into a career – by studying. You cannot just rely on ‘I have Grade 6 or Grade 10’, you must study management courses so you can get appointed.”

We wish Thsidiso Tsie all the best for his future career, and we are sure he is going to make it big! It just goes to show that hard work, dedication, and a little bit of studying can really help you achieve something.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, Thsidiso!

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